Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preparing for Memphis - May 2013

Tomorrow we will pull out the suitcase and prepare for scans.  My mind is spinning.  Even though every fiber in my being says "she is FINE".  I remember before her very first MRI that revealed a tumor I had no doubt in my mind that there was nothing to worry about....  I remember just wanting to go on with our planned day of a movie with the family.  "Just give us the results so we can go have some fun!"  I pleaded... not knowing how much our life was about to change. 

So yeah. My mind is spinning and always will.

The other day, Kayla reassured me. She said, "Mom.  It's NOT back.  I promise. I am fine."  So I am just clinging onto those words and hoping that she can enjoy her Make-A-Wish worry free. We will celebrate..... OH will we celebrate!!!

After fighting off whatever virus is going around and spending a fortune at Pharmaca, I feel confident that Kayla will be able to enjoy her last day at school tomorrow laughing and playing with her friends. She will be safe to fly and is no risk to the kids at St. Jude with zero immune system. Thank God.  We have been very diligent.  Making her health a priority right now especially. 

Denny and Kayla will fly away with butterflies on Tuesday morning.  Wednesday and Thursday are scans. I will update daily to catch you all up on what we know day to day.  Results will be given Thursday afternoon. I promise to update as soon as I hear.  Then, our family will be back together Friday.  Can we just fast forward to Friday please?????  Or maybe I should ask to just pause where we are right now?  I would much rather pause while in Hawaii on her Make-A-Wish next week!

So for now... I will keep taking deep breaths. Praying. Hugging. 

Thank you for following this journey and being such a huge source of strength to us.  Please keep praying for a CURE. 


  1. I'm right there with you my love. RIGHT HERE!! And I'm always praying for a Cure. Yes, Kayla will be fine, because she is just that. FINE! In her heart, she already knows.

    Momma Neena

  2. Kayla must know her body better than anyone her age at this point. I put all my faith in her! Clear scans. Good news. It will be a great week.

  3. This is a heartwarming (and wrenching) post Annie! Kayla is the toughest little girl EVER! Sending you much love and BEST WISHES wrapped in love and hope! Arianne

  4. Our love surrounds you all and is with you, along with thousands of others, dear strong Taurus! Thank you so much for the posts this helps us all. With you in spirit,
    Love hugs, Auntie Ann and all in PA

  5. As my mom always said, U don't want 2 wish your life away even 4 a day or 2. What is going 2 happen between now and Thursday will make U all stronger and U will grow in your experience of learning. May God's Blessings pour down upon U and your BEAUTIFUL family! NEGU ♥Lorri

  6. We will say a prayer for all of you, wishing for good news on Thursday, and good health, also...for Friday to come quickly! lol Love The Byers Family, one of many families in Novato cheering for Kayla!!

  7. Kayla has to be alright, she has so much love, prayers and good energy going her way she just can't miss on this one.

  8. Awwe cuz. I am so sorry you are going through so much. I can relate to the feeling of fear and the unknown. And its a horrible feeling. Please try to hang in there, and keep praying. I will deff keep praying too. <3<3<3<3 I wish I could fast forward it for you. Love you cuz

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