Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 3

So, today we had a little bit of an unexpected occurrence. It's not a huge deal... but if you know Kayla, it was kind of a huge deal.  No one informed us that we would be getting an IV while here for check ups. Needle poke? Yes. And she proved to be a trooper! But this was a shock. I don't ask many questions or doubt much from the medical team here, but usually they give us the heads up. Believe me, I will make sure I know what to expect for all future visits from here on out. Kayla does not do well with the unexpected. We were blind sided, but there was no way around this IV.  Today, Kayla's MRI was a contrast MRI. Duh. Of course it was. It's the most through and accurate. Of course she needed an IV for that! Now I know.... Sorry Kayla! ;)

All appointments went well. She even gained a few ounces from yesterday. Memphis eating has been good on her! (not me or Nana though!)  Kayla scored very high during her psychology review.  We ended the day at 3 pieces of cake. Not me! Kayla!!! Yep, you read that correctly. THREE pieces of cake. Carrot is her new fav. At least she got some veggies in there, right?
Nothing like a little cake to take the pain away. Love her!!!

I'm just a little unsure as to how she is going to sleep with her arm so darn stiff...... 
This does NOT look comfortable at all.

The clouds cleared away over night and we were left with bright sunny skies and perfect weather all day long. Too bad we didn't really get outside much to enjoy the glory of it today.  Tomorrow we start at 6:30am for the Spinal MRI. Eeeek. We are getting closer and closer.  No new updates on Matthew today, but I thank you to all of you sending loving thoughts and prayers their way right now.  Today was Wesson's memorial service. It was a hard morning here as I couldn't get my friends Kristi and Logan off my mind. I just miss seeing them here.... It's .... just not ok. :(
A perfect example of "not ok". How do you go from this one day... to this just days later? Oh. That's right. Cancer. The first pic is my favorite of Matthew and his daddy. He is fighting for his life as you read this. Please please send love and prayers their way. Please?! Aimee & Ron, we will never stop hoping... ever. Love you guys!

Wesson, you will NEVER be forgotten.  It was not the cancer that took him. It was the treatment ....  RIP buddy!  We need a cure..... yesterday.   

I know this is hard to read. Hard to look at. Imagine being their parents.  Cure. Cure. CURE! Thank you to those of you who help us fight and spread awareness. Love all of you!


  1. Thank you for helping to raise awareness Annie....I pray for all of these people when I read about them on your blog. Praying for you guys on this trip.

  2. It will never be okay ~ not when the cancer is gone, but the treatment takes a life! I never stop praying for sweet Matthew, for Kayla, for Jacob, for precious Wesson's family, for Aiden, Justin, Hanna, Emilie and all of the other young ones that have battled this horrible disease. I will always remain hopeful for a cure for each one so that they may live the lives that they were destined to live: happy, fruitful, joyful, challenging, full of love & fun, but, most importantly, CANCER-FREE! Praying for all to go smoothly for your beautiful girl and you. In spite of an IV, she still had that amazing smile. Prayers, Love & hugs....

  3. It is all so heartbreaking! I am so glad things are going so well for you guys but sad for the others that aren't so lucky. I will keep Matthew in my prayers and Wesson's family too. This trip must be even harder on you guys than you thought it would be! On the upside, WAY TO GO KAYLA!! You are doing great!! Betty Criesco

  4. So difficult, yet important to hear these difficult stories. These kids, these parents, these doctors are all warriors. Thinking about you, Kayla, Matthew, and sweet angel Wesson tonight... xoxo


  5. Dear Annie.......Life throws us sooooooo many punches. When it is children......it's very hard to understand. We can only hope that something is learned every time we lose a child that will help many kids in return. You and your family never cease to amaze me. I am sending such good thoughts and wishes your way. Love to you all! Connie

  6. Praying for peace and comfort for those families. SO SO heartbreaking. It's wonderful to see Kayla smiling, even with an IV in her arm! Tell her I'm jealous - I've never had one with a pink bandage and purple hearts before!! She's a rockstar! Praying for a quick and easy MRI in the morning. Hugs and love to you all!

  7. I'm glad Kayla is doing so well this week! I am thinking of you every day. I will continue to keep all your friends their in my thoughts. It's all just so unfair. Love to you! - Lannette