Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4

The alarm went off early this morning that's for sure. Kayla's Spinal MRI was scheduled for 6:45am. and yes, we were on time!

I have to say, I am so proud of Kayla. She is just taking all of this with so much pride and grace. She continues her eagerness to please every person she encounters and is just such a joy to all who get to have her as a patient. I am told over and over how well she did and how much they love her.  Of course I love her, but I'm her mom! It's so sweet to hear people reassure me that she is indeed special. Not just in her momma's eyes. God, I love her!

The only real news I have to share from today is that there was ZERO change in her audiology exam. She still has the exact same "minor" high pitch hearing loss in one ear. We are all thrilled that this has remained stable.

Kayla does experience frequent ringing in her ears. Here she is learning about how and why that happens.
Look at this audiology equipment

I can't believe I am admitting this in writing... I allowed Kayla to play hooky today on psychology.  She was so upset about having to go for another 3 hours today. ( I think I forgot to mention she did 3 hours yesterday?? )  I would insist on it if it gave her coping skills for life after treatment, but for whatever reason, it does not.  It's more about how we act as a family.  For example:  "When we argue, do we throw things?" "How often do we do outside activities as a family?" etc.  Also math questions? Ugh. So frustrating. How does SJ miss the mark on this one??? I guess they need this for their research, but I strongly feel this just does not pertain to us as a family.  I wish they did offer coping skills though. THAT we all could use.  So, I did. I let her bail.  Call after call I ignored. I know... BAD mommy. But she needed and wanted a break. I happily gave her one! Instead, we headed on over to Mud Island to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We got out and walked all around. It was a lovely break in the day!  Now that is psychology. ;)  

                                    Enjoying the sunshine at a park we found on Mud Island

Now, here is something to make you chuckle (or for some of you, cry).  I finally got to take a picture of the Memphis Recycling Center.  Yes, this is it. I promised a few people I would try and take a picture.  Here you go! (the top of these huge trash bins read "Recycle Memphis")  Crazy, huh?!

Tomorrow Kayla will have her two final procedures before we meet with her Oncologist, Dr. Gajjar.  At 8:30 Kayla will get her "sleepy medicine" happily and be wheeled away for a painful Lumbar Puncture. Ouch! This will make sure that there is no change and that her spinal fluid is still free of any nasty cancer cells.  While she is sedated she will also have the cuff from her old double lumen line removed. The docs have agreed that the skin is not heeling over it the way it should have so it must come out.  We are all happy about this being OUT of her body once and for all. Some hospitals remove it, some leave it in. To me, it is a plastic foreign object and should not be left in. Kayla's body agrees with momma on this one.   So, while she is asleep, the plastic will be pulled away from the skin where it has attached and she will be carefully closed and let to heal... finally!  We look forward to that!  

Tomorrow is also a very big day for someone else. Denny will be taking his CNA certification test. It will last all day and he will get results immediately when it is over.  I just know he will knock this out of the park. He is a rockstar.... just like Kayla. :)

I promise to post news as soon as we know anything.  Thank you so much for all the love, prayers and constant support you show us.  It means so very much!!! 

Love, from Memphis


  1. Annie - Glad you had a nice day at Mud Island, Mommy knows best! you knew what Kayla needed.
    Wishing Denny luck with his test, he was meant to do this!

    Love and BIG hugs,
    Lisa Byrne

  2. I'm glad you guys got some fun in! What a GOOD mommy you are for knowing what she needs!

  3. Yes, they both are Rockstars, but, my dear, so are you and Anthony. Families who come together during the difficult times & the joyful times are rockstars (and psychologically sound) and that would be the four of you!! Continuing to pray for the results of all of these tests and that there will be fun mixed in with all that you have to do each day. Love & hugs...

  4. I love your mommy instincts. God bless all of you and the light you shine in our hearts.
    Love, Mary and Frank

  5. You guys are doing great:) Keep up the good news. We miss you and can't to see your beautiful smiles in the mornings as we pass by each other, going towards our classrooms:)

  6. So glad to hear you guys are doing great over there! How long will you be at SJ? We so look forward to your posts!
    Love to you all.

  7. Haha, great choice of activities, Annie! Go Kayla! You could give the course on family coping skills. As always, love and hugs coming to you from us all, AuntieAnn

  8. As always Annie, you are the bright star in Kayla's life. So smart to take care of your physical needs and a mental health day. Getting out and enjoying life. Good for you sweetheart. Sent with love and prayers, Aunt Lynda