Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Results are IN

It's officially going to be the best vacation EVER. 

Kayla's scans were ALL CLEAR!!!!!!!

When I finally made it home to tell Anthony he tackled me when I delivered the much awaited news. He was so excited and got busy making a special card to go with the flowers he will give her tomorrow. It's so sweet to see how close these two really are.  One more night and our family will be together again. I can't wait!!!

Sunday we will meet with our amazing Make-A-Wish granters to hear all the details that they have planned for us. We can't wait!  Monday we have our home inspection. Yep! Finally... it's happening. Tuesday we will fly off to Oahu. I promise to take lots of pictures.  It will be such an incredible memory for us. 

Thank you to all of you who lit candles at home, churches. Those of you who prayed prayed and prayed. So far... things are looking perfect for our little warrior! I am so grateful to be typing this great news right now. 

Sorry it's blurry... these hands must have been shaking with excitement! :)



    I love you Kays!!!!


  2. Awesome! We were all fondly talking about you all this morning, then I saw you walking into Fernando's tonight! Small world! Kira wrote about Kayla in a school paper this week too. Sychronicity... Love, the Burgess family.

  3. So, so Happy for you Kayla, God Bless You always.
    Hugs and Kisses for you sweetheart.