Thursday, July 25, 2013

One year. Part 1

Oh dear blog. Wherever have you been?

Just know that I have missed this as much as any of you.....

I have been sharing my laptop with den because of school but am happy to snatch it now because he is asleep! I need to do this more often, I know!

So much has happened. So much. Where do I start?

Kayla, of course!  She is doing fantastic so far from what I can tell. If you saw her today you would never ever know she was so sick not so long ago. Her hair is growing in (she is sporting the odd bi-level haircut that was intentionally given to me in the early eaaaarly 80's) It started out brown and now has flicks of a true honey color running through it.  It's still fuzzy even though I have made every effort to cut off the fuzzy ends. It will surely take time to get it to a regular hair status.  But who cares! Right?   It's so great to watch her Thriving. Running. Playing. Laughing... Living!!!

I miss writing daily. I miss it.

Kayla's Make-A-Wish was good!  We had a wonderful time away and yes, I actually was able to forget for a little while about cancer. That was my personal goal.  Kayla was surprised that Hawaii felt so much like San Francisco. I think it's because they sent us to Oahu.  It's the "city" of Hawaii.  And man is it busy!!!! It felt a little like LA.  We spent almost 90 mins in bumper to bumper traffic to get to our Luau.   Not quite what we remember from our trip to Maui 7 years ago.  I guess this is the busy island.  We were in Waikiki.  Right in the hub of all the shopping and tourists. It was busy. Very busy. She was able to kiss and dance with a dolphin but was not granted the "swim" she really hoped for . I know... believe me... it was a tough day.  On her 9th birthday she was scheduled to swim with the dolphins at sea life park.... or so we thought. We showed up and followed our M-A-W directions. One of them being that we were encouraged not to change any reservations as to not upset any of these amazing donors. I get it! And they are amazing....  But when my kid is crying (ok... sobbing) on her birthday because she didn't "get her wish" I was shocked that not one single person there asked if I could chip in to get her the swim. I would have happily paid out of pocket.  We were there on her make-a-wish to swim and she didn't get to do it. A kiss is great. A good photo-op... but that was not her wish. I don't know what to do at this point. I guess we will have to contact six flags locally and pay for a private swim...   We still had an lots of great memories and if you know anything about us, we make the most of any situation!  :)  One day we will take her to experience the relaxing side of Hawaii. Remember..... she is my little old lady. A true "old soul". She doesn't care about shopping or busy streets.... she wants to sit on the beach and read.... she wants relaxation and quiet. But as a parent, you are not able to give your input with make-a-wish. They take the kids into a room alone and ask for their wish. I know. Kind of strange. Only us parents really know our kids and can help them articulate.  Still, the biggest blessing is that she was able to enjoy this trip cancer free!  My favorite moment was when Kayla got to play her piano piece in front of a world famous piano player who plunked himself in a hotel lobby on the busy strip our last night there. She had the audience wowed... and that made it the most incredible moment ever! I could listen to her play that song over and over again!

 Meeting our pilot! They got to sit in the cockpit until almost take off.  So sweet. 

 That's a turtle!!! Not a rock (turtle island)

Den's Birthday Breakfast
Luau Night- Happy Birthday Dad!
So excited to swim with the dolphins!  Happy 9th birthday Kayla!

Who doesn't love kisses?

Part 1.... it's all I have tonight. I am trying. <3

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  1. That is so sad that Kayla didn't get to swim with the dolphins! I was going to suggest 6 Flags like you mentioned. I just happened to ask them how much it costs when I was there last week and they said $150.00 which is a lot of money but maybe if you explained Kayla's Make a Wish situation they would lower the price or give you a free one. I hope it works out that she gets to. Betty Criesco