Friday, July 26, 2013

One Year. Part 2

How has it already been a year since we returned home? Yet, when I think back so much has happened. The biggest was selling our house and the crazy aftermath that ultimately led us to our new home!  Leaving the house we bought when Kayla was only 6 months old was tough, but a necessary step for our new start.  Actually, looking deeper into it, most of my St. Jude family friends have either since moved or are pregnant.  Yep, moving was the right choice for me! haha!

Our new house is nestled on a quiet flat street. There are lots of kids and awesome families. One of the best parts is the freedom to be able to ride bikes out of the garage to local parks and schools. It's great!  We are settled in and taking it slow.  It's just nice to be able to breathe after all of these months and feel at home.

Summer has been quiet.  A good kind of quiet.  I am busy at work again finally.  It took a good year, but I am finally booking up again.   Anthony will be starting soccer on Thursday.  He is very excited! Kayla will be able to practice with friends teams, but we all decided it would be much too much on her to play in games. This league is so much more competitive. Not only has she lost a year, but she still has trouble with endurance and strength.  The last thing I want to do is to hurt her ego.  She has been doing so fantastic.

We are preparing for scans again. I know! 3 months goes by so quickly.  This time, our friends Carolyn and Audrey will be joining us.  I am so glad to have a friend go with me. Kayla can't wait to show Audrey around St. Jude and the Target House.  I will update you all as time gets closer. The schedule this time is the lightest yet. We arrive Aug 10th at night. We have all day Sunday free until 4:00pm when we check in.  The MRI is scheduled for Monday the 12th at 6:45am. Kayla will have PT and and appointment with Endo to see how her thyroid is doing. I haven't measured her, but she looks to me like she really has grown!  I hope the measurements prove me right.  We will spend Monday night getting pending MRI results off of our minds as much as possible. Tuesday we should get results at around 9:30 am and we catch a flight home 2 hours later.  Hopefully it will be short and sweet with nothing but continued good news to share.
 Kayla and Nick. She is really missing him this summer!

Fun days doing the rides at 6 Flags

 First Piano Concert! 

 Beautiful Burrito Belly! Cali burritos are the best ;)

Beating the heat with buds in Sausalito

 4th of July morning run

I have a dreaded update to share.  One of Kayla's BFF's from St Jude has relapsed. You all remember Angiel?  She had osteosarcoma in her leg.  This week she had her routine scan and they learned that the cancer has returned in her spine.  Angiel has been such a trooper. She is one of the strongest girls I know.  When Kayla had no appetite and we were struggling the most, it was Angiel who would try and encourage Kayla to eat just one bite. Just to try.  We spent many many hours playing games and hanging out as families. I just know that when I gently explain this devastating news to Kayla she will be crushed and scared. Angiel has started Radiation. This just breaks my heart.  As we know, St.Jude will do everything in their power to make sure Angiel becomes cancer free again.  As you can imagine... it's been a tough week. 

So please light a candle or say a prayer for our special friend, Angiel. Thank you!

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  1. It is so nice to see a new blog again! I will be praying for all to go well on your trip to St. Jude's and I will also keep Angiel in my prayers. Betty Criesco