Sunday, August 11, 2013

1 year Scans - It's time.

We arrived in Memphis yesterday night.  It was a smooth flight here with no delays.  The best part is that Kayla and I both have friends here with us. We decided to get a rental car so we could get out beyond the St Jude walls and show them a little bit of Memphis.  We are so glad to have wheels here. It really makes it nice!

Today we got to see Kayla's best friend from St. Jude, Angiel!  It was sooooo great to see her, her mommy and brother.  To be able to hug them in person again and just sit with them was very special.  Angiel looks so beautiful.  She just started 6th grade!  The look of surprise on their faces when we showed up was priceless!!!

Audrey, Kayla, Angiel & Markus (the big 3rd grader) haha!!! 

After our visit with friends we drove over to the Target house to tour it and do some crafts of course.  We painted an awesome painting for Kayla's room. She has no idea, but her dad is painting it a beautiful turquoise blue to surprise her when she gets home. Ever since Hawaii, she really wants a "tropical" room.

Kayla finished the day getting all checked in through A/T where she got her IV in place for tomorrow's appointment.  They did some lab work so that we can get all the results needed on her thyroid.  We had the fabulous Miss Jackie. She was so great. No blown veins.  No double sticks. No numbing creams/J-tips - and NO tears.  Audrey held her other hand and they just stared at each other.  The girls formed a bond that was beyond any that they already had. It was really really sweet!!!

 Here we go... the neck vein and the eyes say it all... 


The look of relief knowing the worst is over for today

And just like this... they are true BFF's forever. <3

The awesome "Miss Jackie" 

For almost a year while we were here, Kayla dreamed of showing her friends at home this amazing place where she received her life saving treatment.

So today, Audrey and Kayla were running through the halls giggling and skipping and just enjoying every second of it.

The walls are just as cheery as always. So many beautiful smiling faces warmly welcoming us with hugs galore to give us strength.  This really truly is one of the most amazing places on earth.

 Dinner at Huey's
(famous for their tooth picks on the ceiling. This is how they get there!)

This nice guy and his horse, Blue, were dropping a patient and their family off at the Grizzly House after what must have been a fun stroll just as we got back from dinner. Now that's awesome!

So, tomorrow at 6:45am we will walk over to the hospital where Kayla will under go the all important Contrast MRI.  Please keep those prayers, thoughts and candles blazing.  She seems to be in good spirits. My stomach is in knots and as always, we can't get the results soon enough. The thought that at any moment your life could be turned upside down once again is something that can't be explained. So we just breathe... and wait.

We will know results for her MRI on Tuesday.  I will update tomorrow night with her endocrine results. Thank you to all of you for your kind emails, texts and FB messages. I read them ALL. It really means so much!


  1. What beautiful photos! We're there with you in spirit, kitchen window healing candle lit, sending love across the back garden to Kayla and all from Pennsylvania. Hugs, love, Auntie Ann

  2. We love you Kayla Rose! We love you Annie! We love you Carolyn & Audry & Angiel!!! Candles lit, repeating prayers & sending all our love your way for the clear scan results.......great blog Annie, remember that we are with you all heart & SOUL!!!!

    Neena & Baapaa

  3. I am glad that Kayla gets to show her friend around and is enjoying herself as much as she can. She is a trooper! I will keep the prayers coming. Betty Criesco

  4. Heading to bed, with Kayla in my prayers.

  5. Thoughts, prayers, love!

  6. So nice to see Kayla's updates and the pictures are great. What a brave and strong little girl. Kayla we are all praying for your tests to be clear tomorrow, waiting is hard but we are all there with and for you baby girl. Hang in there and know you are loved. Sending god my prayers for you.

  7. We just got back from Bodega Bay & no cell or internet while there, so am just reading your post with beautiful pictures & even more beautiful words, the forging of a lifelong friendship for these two girls ~ they are so much stronger than people give them credit for, aren't they? Holding a hand, a look into her friends eyes, all so comforting. Prayers for results of MRI & other tests and, as always, sending blessings, love & hugs to both of you & to Anthony & Denny at home.

  8. Absolutely LOVE this. As I type, you all are sleeping...and I pray, peacefully. So many smiles in the day that past for you all and sharing what has changed you all with friends that you both could bring along. BIG hugs and HUGE prayers for a GREAT scan and results to follow. Kayla, you are so brave!!! love, stacy graupmann