Sunday, February 9, 2014

1 year 8 months post treatment - Scan time!

How could it possibly be scan time already?  These three month intervals are just flying by!  As of right now, Kayla is officially 1 year and 8 months post treatment. Go baby girl GO!  I was just realizing that this coming August's check up will be the last "3 month" one and Kayla will then, God willing, be moved to every 6 months for her MRI's. So if. Scratch that! WHEN her MRI reads NED again, she will have two more tests done at the 3 month mark.

School is going great.  We have been blessed with yet another fantastic teacher for both kids this year.  I'm convinced Anthony will be an engineer one day. This kid is obsessed with numbers. He is now dividing and multiplying - at 6 years old!  Also, he has been writing his own song to perform at American Idol as soon as he is old enough.  He loves singing it in front of anyone who will listen. It's so stinkin' cute!!  

Both kids recently graduated to their yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.  It was a very special and proud moment. I know that both of them, in their own way, tried so hard!  I love watching them get better and better.  Kayla is still loving her Piano lessons.  It's time for a new book! I can't believe how many she has plowed through.  Watching her perform Carol of the Bells for our Church at Christmas was simply amazing.  I asked her if she was nervous after and she said, "No. I was only nervous walking up there past everyone. Then it was easy."  I love the calm effect it has on her when she plays.  When school is stressing her out, or life... she just plays and all the hard stuff just seems to disappear for a while.
Last month, we got invited to do the most amazing thing ever! We got to have a private tour of 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom and a private dolphin swim!  I just want to say THANK YOU again to Chelsea and Becky for making this magical day happen.  It was a day that can never be duplicated and for sure will never be forgotten! 

This next week I will be feeling the nerves. The lovely scanxiety will rear its ugly head once again.  It's something that just can't be helped. Kayla and her dad will fly out to Memphis on the 18th (next Tuesday) and are scheduled to fly home on Saturday. We are preparing for this visit to be a little tougher than the past ones.  Kayla's endocrine team is going to do a special test on her that will determine how much growth hormone they will be putting her on.  This is a pretty brutal test. In order to get her body to produce what they need, she will be made hypoglycemic.  She will be very sick for a few hours while they do hourly blood draws.  Once the test is over, they will make sure she gets the sugar she needs to feel better.  I keep reminding her that this is not Chemo and she does not have cancer again.  It's just so that they can give her the special medicine to help her start growing again.  Kayla has been in the same shoe size for almost 3 years now.  It will be nice to see her start growing again.   Once this test is complete and Kayla starts to feel better, they will head on over to E Clinic to meet with Dr. Gajjar to go over the results of this MRI.  So that will be a very long and tough day for all of us.

KFGY will be hosting a radiothon, Country Cares to benefit St. Jude from 6am-7pm on February 27th and 6am-7pm on February 28th. If anyone who is local wants to help out, they are looking for people to take calls. Here is the link:  Sign Up Here  See if there is a time that might work for you to help out.  These events are highly energized and very moving!!  Next Sunday, we are going to do a pre-recorded radio interview with Froggy for the radiothon.  It has been a while since we have done one.  As always, we are looking so forward to supporting St. Jude in every way we can.

Please keep Kayla in your thoughts and prayers.  This means so much to us!!  I promise to keep you all updated next week as we get to walk through those magical doors once again. Please God, please keep this just as routine as possible. Kayla has some living to do! ;)

xo, Kayla's mommy


  1. As always, we're with Kayla, and everyone, in spirit, sending prayers of love for continued healing. What a help it is to know she's in the best of medical hands, hoping for a smooth journey through the special endocrine test. Love and warm hugs from snowy PA! xxoo Auntie Ann

  2. Prayers for your beautiful daughter and family too

  3. Love seeing your update, the photos are wonderful! Wishing you all the best next week!! I am signed up to support at the radiothon! Best, Barbara Byers

  4. I loved the update and the photos too! Thinking of you and your family, and hoping for the best next week.
    Debra Butterfield