Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 2 - Results

This morning Kayla got fitted for her very first hearing aids.  Not only will they help amplify the high pitch sounds she can no longer hear, but it will help with the ringing of the ears by omitting quiet but steady "white noise".  She is sporting the loaner pair today and so far she LOVES them.  She told me that not only can she hear everything so much better, but she can even hear herself better.  I had no idea she needed them so badly.  I am thrilled she is so happy about them! Ahhh... the little things!  Her new pair should arrive tomorrow, weather permitting.  If they don't make it, they will ship them to our house.  Gotta love St. Jude!!!!

So this was unexpected... Kayla passed the growth hormone test!  I will go into the details, but this means that for now she will not need the daily injections to help her grow.  Hopefully, she will continue to trend the way she has been. Of course, her Endo team will monitor her very closely.  She is still on the chart, but at the very low end.  If she continues to grow at the same rate, Kayla will most likely reach an adorable height of 5'1".  Fine by me!  Who knows. Maybe she will suddenly sprout all on her own.

The test went well. Kayla felt very yucky and tired, but tolerated it well. She did not get sick!  She slept through the end and was begging for cheese cake by the end. That's my girl!!! 

MRI results.
THANK GOD. NED. NED. NED. NED. NED. NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Kayla with Dr. Gajjar.  I can see the relief in her sweet eyes! And his.  Answered prayers. I can breathe again!!!!!!!!!! 

                                    "Look everyone, my picture is still hanging up!"

I know there is no magical answer to how her body will react to the the aftermath of poison and radiation her 7 year old body was given, so this is why we will continue to monitor her for years to come.  I can not say enough praise to St. Jude for allowing us to have the best medical team ever!!! The fact that we don't have to worry about getting a bill every three months is something I will forever be grateful for.  Every single penny donated goes towards these ongoing treatments, tests, research and SO much more.  Research that benefits children's cancer world wide. With so many other things to worry about, it's a blessing to not have to worry about bills adding up. We can just focus on getting through each day at a time. 

Right now, there is a tornado warning for Memphis. Yep. Never a dull moment!!!! Why worry about a silly tornado when you are floating as high as the sky with those beautiful magical words... NED. NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Exhaling a big sigh of relief - hooooray! About short stature - Kayla's great grandmother, the beloved Nannie, was 4'11" and I'm sure you remember her, Annie, as a tall, glowing presence among us, as is Kayla!
    Love to all, auntie Ann

  2. This girl is such a trooper, Bless her. However tall she grows her spirit and soul will be huge. Thank you for the update, glad it's better news.

  3. SO thankful to hear this news. Overjoyed. And as far as the height thing, being petite is the best! Love always, Lauray