Friday, August 17, 2012


While visiting Trader Joe's today, we couldn't help but stop for this photo op. I keep thinking I need to get one of these in GOLD. (In case you don't know, gold is for pediatric cancer) 

Lately, Kayla has been full of energy! It's been so great to watch her running more and laughing harder. I am in heaven watching her body grow stronger and seeing her push herself more. Little bits at a time, but she is getting there. As we inch closer and closer to the start of school, so does her backpack.  She is so excited to see her friends again. 

Denny's been busy with his CNA course this week. It's been so strange to not have him home after all of these months of togetherness. He comes home and practices on us all. It's fun to see him so excited and passionate. His first test was today. It was no surprise to me that he aced it. Of course he did!

It's looking more and more like I will be the one to take Kayla to her scans in October. As it turns out, the big exam for Denny just happens to fall the week that we are scheduled to go back. It will be very strange to be there at St. Jude without him. Kayla keeps making fun of me reminding me that we start at 6:45am for the MRI which is 4:45am California time. I will admit it. Kayla knows I'm not a morning person. It's no biggie. Nothing I can't handle. ;)

The sunset from our back yard was magical tonight. I couldn't help but watch it and think of all of our tiny friends... those we have lost recently and those who are still waging the war. Fight on. To anyone battling anything without a cure, fight on. Keep raising awareness. We have been given a voice. Use it!  Always, NEGU (never.ever.give.up)!!!


  1. That smile, the joy in her eyes, they fill my heart! So much to be thankful for. I'm so proud of Denny for hearing his calling and answering it. He will be/he is a wonderful takes a person with a huge heart to do what he is doing. Praying for all of the little ones still battling and always for your sweet Kayla. Passed by the salon today and peeked in hoping to see you, then headed over to Trader Joes. We'll cross paths one of these days. Love & Hugs....

  2. Being home is clearly healing for Kayla! The happiness in her eyes radiates! Great job, Denny on CNA test. First step to Denny, RN!

  3. My posts are not getting through. They are always sending our love. What a beauty! So honored to travel in this life with you. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  4. I am glad Kayla is so happy and full of energy! She is the strongest kid I know! May she continue to grow stronger with each day! Thank you so much for your continuing posts! Proud of all of you!
    Love, Erin Melrath