Monday, February 13, 2012

100665 times I felt the love

100665.  That is the number of people who have clicked onto this blog and read my words. 100665 is the number of times that people have thought about Kayla. 100665 is the number of times that people have cared..... I can not tell you in words what that means to me.

(taken 2 or 3 days ago) Dad proving that she is a "tiny morsel"
Since we are talking numbers. Please continue to pray for Kayla's appetite. We were SO happy that she had gained 2 lbs since returning home! Tonight she had lost one of those precious pounds. (If only I could be so lucky!) Could you imagine what I would look like if he tried to pick me up like that? OMG. STOP imagining that!  Phew... Thank you!

Today, Kayla rested on the couch all day. She is starting to feel a little better. We are hopeful for more energy and a big appetite tomorrow.

This morning, Anthony and I went to Good Shepherd to surprise his class with a special visit! They were having their Valentine's Day party. When we arrived, the kids were all getting seated and we quietly snuck him in. They had the special "star student chair", a decorated Valentine's Day bag, and a heart crown waiting for him! I will never forget what a special day this was for him. I know that the group photo we took at the end will be hung on his wall in the Target House for WAY too many months. Here are a few priceless photo's from today. Thank you to Anthony's teachers, Mrs. Beckmann, Mrs. Damato, and Mrs. DeBarros for making today happen.

Karen Beckmann & Anthony <3
Oh how he missed all of his buddies!!!!

What a very special day this was. I will never forget these moments. These are the blog posts I will be referring to soon enough when I need comfort and a reminder of the loving friends we are blessed to have back home! Ok, time to go kick back and enjoy MY COUCH! Thank you all for caring so much. Happy Valentine's Day eve!


  1. You guys are light. You are never ever alone. We care so sincerely. Our hearts hold you every moment and send you high praise and gratitude that cannot be described. What a divine and love-filled family you are. Your strength and power gives us new breath. You are precious. Much love and many thanks, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you and your precious family. I am praying for you everyday and fighting along side with you for Kayla... until the day she comes home cancer free! Sending you so much love and deep understanding for what you are going through. There will be rough days, but there is hope and your sweet angel can fight this! Be gentle with yourself, take a moment now and then to breathe... it's ok. :) In my experience it is your love and positivity that will chase away those terrible monster cells; I know you are giving her everything she needs with an inspiring intensity! What a blessed little girl she is to have SUCH AN AMAZING FAMILY! Much love to you all! <3

    Erin (7 years brain CANCER FREE on March 24th!)

  3. Heartfelt Valentine love and many, many hugs coming to you and every day! You know, that 100,665 are just the clicks...hundreds of thousand more thoughts from us all, throughout our days and nights, are felt as healing love is sent out to Kayla, strength and love to the family.
    You are always with us, and we with you...xxooAuntieAnn

  4. Happy Valentines day to you and your whole family. So glad that you are enjoying your time home, and all of your loved ones/friends. That must be awesome for you all. Giving you some much needed normalcy!! I am sure Kayla is feeling great being home, having a break from procedures. That break from stress will surely help her to put on the pounds. It will be okay, she won't always have a lack of appetite. When this is all over she will probably gain it all back in a flash. Lots of love to you and your family!! <3<3

  5. Dear Annie, I know that for me personally, I have thought about Kayla and your amazing family at least a hundred times for every time that I clicked on this blog. I am sure the same could be said for every single click, which is 10 million times that people have cared...or even more! Can you tell I'm an accountant..I can't help doing the math. :-). Anyway, the point is you are loved beyond your wildest dreams. The fundraiser the other night was a beautiful thing for a beautiful girl and a beautiful family! More proof that you are loved! Even if I am not posting every day, I am clicking away, and praying, praying, praying! XOXO from Mike, Ari, Ava & Jake

  6. Annie, it was so nice to see you and Anthony yesterday. You have this special beautiful glow about you that shows what a strong and wonderful mother you are. I still can't believe how grown up Anthony is compared to just a few months ago. Stay strong Dehnerts and enjoy your family time at home!

  7. Dehnert family!

    I have been continuing to pray for and think of you often. It is so good to see her/your smiling faces knowing that you are home. Home is really some of the best 'medicine' we can get :). I'm praying for a perfect time with everything you all had hoped; fun days, relaxing times, family times, and friend times. Lots of prayers continue as you prepare for the road ahead so you can return again to that lovely house and home you have!