Sunday, February 12, 2012

Precious Memories

Memories. We can't get over what the past few days have meant to us....

This is where I get into trouble. Me not blogging on a daily! So many thoughts leave me tongue tied! Friday night was the amazing Rose Garden + Auction. Local friends, family, and even people we haven't had a chance to meet yet gathered under one roof to celebrate the life and what is our daughter, Kayla Rose. Our journey...... our fight! One love. We can't thank everyone enough for what was a success beyond what we could have ever even imagined. This community is amazing, loving, and oh so gracious!!! We can't thank you enough. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING.... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

The four of us went to church this morning. It was absolutely gorgeous out! Blue skies. Green hills. Just breathtaking. When it was time for the children's message, Kayla happily went up. She sat up front with her friends... she just happened to land center stage. The sun was shining through the stained glass windows and making an already beautiful sight even more magnificent. Pastor Hess came and sat down with the kids like he always does. He happily greeted Kayla and made her feel like she was missed. She beamed! I could see her light up! It made my stomach warm and made me get a bit teary knowing how much she had missed being here.  Kayla had told us the week before that she wanted to go to church with us and we had told her that the next time we went she could come. 

When we were on our way she had told us how she was nervous to talk to Pastor Hess, but by the way she beamed at the childrens message and how she answered every question with her radiant smile you would have thought that she had been doing it all her life!  It was such a proud moment telling Pastor, the children, and all in attendance where she had been, what she was going through, and what was soon to be for her.  Pastor didn't even need to ask her anything after a while, she just continued on her own so he handed her over the mike.  She spoke about the banner that the second grade students made her and how it hung up in her room, that it read the words"Get Well Soon Kayla!"  She told us that she didn't really need it anymore, she already was better.  Pastor said that was what Jesus did, that he was a healer and that he was healing her.  She shook her head yes! And My dad heals me too!   He made my neck feel all better by rubbing it till I was healed.  This just made Denny and I melt.  Such a sweet girl.  Pastor mentioned that they had all been thinking about her and praying for her and that she had a lot of people who cared about her at home and were just so happy that she was home finally.  Kayla responded "Yeah, I have a LOT of friends!"  They spoke about praying to god to keep Kayla eating as much as possible and if her parents were helping her with that and if we talked about it.  She said that we made her always eat a lot of calories, but that she likes to eat healthy so it's hard.  She said that if she wanted an apple it was with peanut butter. If she had strawberries, it was with whipped cream.  Pastor said he wanted to come to eat at her house! (Who wouldn't!)  The things we have to force our kids to eat, right?  But the most amazing thing of it was just the way that Kayla took us all in her hands and brought us into her life, so much so that we could FEEL a part of it.  And for her it was effortless.  Kayla is a special girl beyond which words can compare.  She has touched so many without even knowing them, but making them know HER.  It is a gift that few truly possess.  Those that are parents feel lucky to be so, but we feel truly blessed to be Kayla's parents.

Today was a day we will never forget.... ever! 

This afternoon (late)  Kayla developed a cold. Runny nose. Low grade fever. She went to bed early. She will be ok. It just reminds us of her fragile immune system and how we need to guard her even more. No worries, She will remind us. That is Kayla! I will keep you posted. We hope this bug doesn't linger!!!


  1. Annie, you do an amazing job on this blog. Its incredible there have been over 100,000 views....all your friends, family and extended friends who are here to give you all the support we can! Wearing my Curing Kayla bracelet with pride!!!

  2. Annie, I can't begin to tell you what an inspiration Kayla is to us all. We were transfixed yesterday in church as darling Kayla talked to our congregation. None of us will ever forget the amazing gift of hearing her talk about her faith and her feelings. Like you said, she looked so happy and spoke like she has been talking in front of people for years. She is so smart, funny, and kind. What an gift that was for all of us who love her and you all so very much. Our love and prayers are with you!

  3. Will Kayla be at church next week? I am soo sad missed her I was sick.