Monday, February 6, 2012

Enjoying every second!

What a wonderful time we have been having here at home. I have good news to report! Kayla has gained almost 1.5 lbs!!!! Being home has served her well.

Kayla is SO proud of herself! She is having a blast sleeping in, cuddling with her meow-meow, playing outside, mani-pedi's, going to Tommy's Salsa (almost daily, I might add... only missing one day), and just being a KID! It's been heavenly. :)  We have been so busy in the past while living here.... it's a strange blessing just being able to be home and enjoy it together. I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy, but how many families actually get to do this AND enjoy it?  I am aware of this tiny blessing and I am determined to enjoy every second of it.

Today, I had a few visits with our doctors back home. Friendly and much needed check-ins! Just such a stress-reliever to me to know that we all have a team of doctors back at home ready and willing to help Denny, Anthony and I if we should need it during this next long phase. Where Kayla has her "team of doctors" at SJ, they can't really help us.... Sure, at St. Judes, they can pull out stethoscopes and look in our ears & throats. They can take our BP's even. They have become like family!!! But... they are Kayla's docs. "Legally". So, it's a HUGE stress relief to me to know that we are blessed with medical support from back home. Lord knows my cracked eyelids need it! I am allergic to my own tears! Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't. I actually saw a dermatologist before all of this about it. If I cry and rub, the tears spread on my skin and it becomes inflamed, red and itchy. Now add THAT onto what we are going through. It's one of the things that has kept me up at night. Even with a car, you can feel sort of isolated. You know how long it takes to find a doctor. And to find a GOOD doctor that knows you and that you trust? I don't have time or energy for that type of a search. Plus who knows what that co-pay or office visit might cost! Yikes. Ok, so that is one thing checked off the list. "check". I knew I shouldn't worry. Denny for sure knew. Why don't I have that sense of calm? Well, he doesn't have dry, cracked itchy skin...... and already high blood pressure.  :) *Now.... if Anthony ends up in an ER for a bone injury that is a different story. Lets hope not!

Lets hope that Kayla continues to gain while here. If she keeps this up we are GOOD!!! I am so excited over the momentum. She is doing fantastic! She is even trying to wean herself off of the Zofran (for nausea). This kid is just like me. She hates meds!

Just like any other day.  We will look to these pics longingly soon enough.........

 Lunch at Moylan's!
 She sure does have my feet! Esp. that baby pinky ;)
 Such cutie pies!
 Claire and Kayla
We are soaking up every second........ She will need these photos so much soon! 


  1. Hi there,

    I was SO HAPPY last night to read this and see that our Kayla is gaining!!! This is so awesome!! Couldn't make me feel any better than this for her. As you well know, this is of utmost importance, and I just want to say Congratulations to all of you for making this happen!!! The Love is carrying you all through, and this is amaaaaaaaazing. Also so glad that you're settling in so nicely appreciating all the simple things that really matter. And the two most important ingredients? Family & Friends. I can't wait to share this glorious news with all the people I encounter that ask me....."So, How's Kayla doing?" Your blog made my heart SING Annie & Denny! Way to go Kayla! and I see that AJ is still wearing his favorite shirt, Cookoo for COCOA PUFFS, basking in all the great fun too!

    Love you all so much,

    1. I just love these pics and hearing and seeing how busy Kayla is keeping with friends and family. She deserves to be so spoiled and I just want to do everything I can! , making her a little something right now! xoxo Arianne

  2. These are wonderful photos! So beautiful to see Kayla enjoying her darling friends. What a blessing! Hugs, hugs, hugs!