Thursday, February 9, 2012

They Come In Three's

Faith. Hope. Love.

But not in that particular order........

Denny and I received news of a very gracious donation to Kayla's fund. I know you want to remain anonymous. You know who you are.... Thank You!

I was in a store trying to return something. The purchase was "before the storm". Of course I lost the receipt! After the woman kept trying and trying she just couldn't find us in the system. She pleaded with me that I must know where this piece of paper is. I told her that my life has been in a little chaotic lately to say the least. I briefly explained our situation. It didn't help with my tiny return... but what I got was priceless! She told me that she sometimes senses things. She was so calm and so matter of fact. I didn't go into detail with her, but the way she said it gave me chills. "She will be fine. This is just a bump in the road. She will be OK"  She got a little teary. I stood there shocked. Then she said, "My mom won't be so lucky". That was all she could utter. I can't help but keep that with me throughout the day. Even now as I type I get chills remembering her eyes and every breath of her words. It did give me hope. I do believe that some people can sense things. It renewed my Hope. I was so grateful for that chance meeting.

Shortly after hope, I encountered another sign. While driving home, we looked up and there sitting on a wire was a beautiful, pure white DOVE. A dove! It was for sure the symbol of Peace and The Holy Spirit.

I know it was all a sign for me to let the thoughts of what "might or could be" GO. Focus on NOW. I knew it would be hard once coming home, but now I feel like I can. It's funny. There are moments where I feel like we all are here and things are normal. Then you look at Kayla and you are somewhat reminded that it wasn't a dream. I am reminded by small things every day to just breathe deep and be grateful!!! Last night as I pulled a load of laundry out of the dryer I was grateful. Grateful that I was able to start that load in the morning. Slowly move it to the dryer at my own pace. Finally pull it out 8 hours later from the dryer. No timers required on my phone. No people waiting in a line behind me waiting for me to move my load. No magnet numbers to stick onto the machines letting people know who's door to bang on if I somehow forget to move it in time. It's just a beautiful thing. Doing laundry in your own machines. Under your own roof. At your own pace. If you can do this, take a moment to be grateful next time. It's amazing all of these little things!!

Oh... an update on Kayla! Right. Sorry! I was so caught up there. Kayla is doing GREAT. She is laughing and having a blast. She is truly soaking all of this up. She is happy to tell people all about what she has been through and what is to come (in her own words). She is still at about 1.5 lbs gained. I can see it in her face! She just looks healthier. I will take some pictures with my good camera soon. There is just a happy glow around her. Maybe that is it! She is calorie consumed and is SO happy when she can sit on a hard surface a little more comfortably. I ask her if she is proud of herself.... Kayla always happily nods. Love her!!!


  1. We believe! We also saw the doves today.
    We received your beautiful letter and I held your handwriting in my hands and felt amazing grace and encouraging faith. Kayla is perfict. So are we for traveling in this life together. Much love, continued prayers and gratitude. Love, Mary (Maryanne) and Frank Hoburg

  2. You are truly divinely guided by Holy Spirit! Those Holy messages always come in 3. Thank you for your light and love. I feel a miracle and light and love all around you! luv to you Kayla!
    Will be at your benefit tonight filled with gratefullness.
    Love, Helen and Maya from Novato