Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tonight. For the very first time. I looked at these numbers not as a sign of what has been "lost" but what has been gained. A big "HAHA" to you 11:11. I won. We are here. We are HERE! We are here.

I am releasing the negative feelings I have toward this time. It is time. 11/11 was when we had our MRI. 11/11 was when our lives were flipped. I am SO sick and tired of cringing at this time (which I so happen to see every single day at least once, if not twice... by coincidence). I will now see these numbers as a symbol of something new. Hope. Awareness. Love. Hope. Faith. Cure. Peace. Deep breaths. A second chance. This number will no longer haunt me. I will not flip it off. I will not cringe or grimace. I will smile and high-five it. I will be happy when I see it from now on because it is a reminder to me................ to all of us..... to just be so grateful for every gift we are given. Big or small. We survived our own 11/11. We did.

I could actually go on and on. With SO many details. But it's 11:20 now. No. Scratch that 11:21. I should sleep. I will now happily retreat to my own bed. I will never ever ever take that walk for granted.

I am just so damn happy that 11:11 finally feels............ happy. For the first time in almost 9 months. I just wanted to share this feeling with the people who continue to surround us with our wings. For you, we are so grateful. So very grateful. We love you all!!!!!!!


  1. It is with great pride that I've seen you & Den grow even stronger in the face of 11/11/11. So happy that you are now seeing the underlying silver lining, no matter what obstacles are on your own life path. Keep on keepin on with your renewed faith in hope for the future. I love you all now & forever!!


  2. I am glad that time doesn't "haunt" you anymore! Now you guys have a love and appreciation for life that most of us do not. And now Denny's going to be a doctor!! That still amazes me! He will be the best doctor! Betty Criesco

  3. You have such a great outlook! You and your whole family continue to inspire me and I am sure all those around you! The bond you and your family have is so strong! Love You Guys!
    Erin Melrath