Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day +20 and almost 6 months!

We decided while changing into PJ's that we needed to take a picture of this. The inside is signed by all of Kayla's friends at Good Shepherd. We love this! Thank you friends :)

Hello friends! It's a late night blog post here and then off to bed.  We have a busy and fun day ahead tomorrow.  Tomorrow marks the 6 month anniversary that we arrived at St. Jude. 6 months!!! Wow.

Kayla is doing great. Her spirits are still very high. She is counting down the seconds until she can be admitted inpatient for her final round of cancer kicking chemo. This kid is ready to go HOME. She told the nurse today that "she just needs to go home, see her friends, see her meow-meow, and then she can come back".  We all got a good chuckle out of that one.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Her numbers are still all ok shocking us that she didn't have to stay getting any blood products today. I thought from her coloring and her sluggish energy that she was for sure staying today, but I was happily wrong.

Anthony is doing great! He eagerly makes friends everywhere we go. There are no age limits. He will go up to the elderly and talk their ears off (which they usually love). He will even go up to babies to see if they are talking yet... basically anyone, any age, any gender is his "friend".  Today, he had a great time riding bikes all over the play ground and runny like crazy with his friend, Christopher. In the middle of a very aggressive bike race, Anthony stopped his bike, insisted Christopher stop too and got up to walk towards him. We were all watching wondering why the abrupt stop? It was just at a very strange time in the chase.  Anthony stood up, walked over to Christopher and stretched out his arms as if saying hug me! Christopher stood up and accepted Anthony's love. It was very sweet. That boy has BIG feelings. He loves hard, hates hard and is just a big bundle of energy!

Tomorrow, Kayla and I are going on a field trip of sorts. Just the two of us, which is great!  We are meeting at 8:45am and taking a bus with other St. Jude kids to meet with some pro golfers wives for some fun. I have heard there will be games, face painting and lunch. I will snap photos for sure. I'm sure it will be a lovely time! Kayla is really looking forward to it.  So, off to bed I go!  Night night all...

OH wait!!! I almost forgot!!!! I wanted to share the PSA video that Kayla was in. Remember the first "Moments" commercial that Kayla and Denny were in? It was shot the day Kayla got released from her very first round of chemo? They released it! I have been sharing it on FB, and I really want to make sure everyone sees our lil' superstar. She was SO tired during this shoot, but did amazing. In true St. Jude style, they will make you cry. So grab those tissues and look for Kayla. She is near the end. You will also see our friends Phoebe and her dad (reading a story on daddy's lap saying to enjoy their last moments together... which thank goodness, Phoebe continues to amaze us all and is doing fantastic!) and Angiel who is with her mommy Damaris who has been given "hope" at St. Jude.  Also, Grace and Shayla were featured. I love these kids!!

Click here to watch Kayla's first TV debut! :)

Brushing those pearly whites before bed! (her bumble bee weighs almost as much as she does)

                                                                   Good Night! :)


  1. Wow, 6 months! Amazing how much Kayla and you all have not only endured but *accomplished* in that time...the healing you've done, the friendships you've made, the lives you've touched, and the hearts you've burst wide open! XOXOX

  2. Wow! Love the video- the whole world should support St Jude- what a place of miracles. Your blogs always remind me to live more real-ly every day- to slow down and cherish each moment. Thanks, Annie. How quickly I forget. You guys are all SO AMAZING! Enjoy the mama/daughter day tomorrow. hugs!

  3. Good night sweet ones! Love you guys. The video was awesome, I just shared on facebook. What a journey ...


  4. Love the video!... shared on FB, friends getting out the tissues, too, plus donating to St. Jude. Sweet Anthony story and sounds like a happy, fun day ahead...so glad for you girls! As always, lotsa love coming to all from PA. xxooAuntieAnn

  5. Shared the video on my Facebook page. Can't think of a worthier cause than finding a cure for Kayla Rose and any other child afflicted with cancer. xx Cate