Monday, June 18, 2012

Day +5 Breathing deeper

What a difference a day makes! We aren't sure if it was adjusting the TPN pump or if it was the Blood & Platelets Kayla got yesterday, but whatever it is... THANK GOODNESS. She was like a whole new kid today. Denny and I held our breath last night as we went to sleep surprised that she hadn't been up once getting sick.  Before we knew it the day was almost over and we could just happily accept that the worst of it was behind her. Of course, I am knocking on wood. Tomorrow, Kayla gets her very last tiny dose of chemo in the Med Room. It's the same as the other 3 rounds. She gets Vincristine on day +6. So, after tomorrow we can truly say we are finished with that. We hope tomorrow Kayla doesn't even notice she is getting it and will continue to feel good.

As soon as Kayla got back from the hospital today she announced to my surprise, "I'm starving!" Well, yes, I bet you are! I would have made anything. But I made what she requested. Cheese and crackers in every way I could.... happily. I told her that every time she eats it motivates me in so many ways. I have to keep reminding her of her power. She seems to like that a lot!

 Nibble, Kayla, Nibble!!!
 She ate two whole crackers!!!

Tonight they had dinner at the Target House with Karaoke and face painting.  Kayla dazzled us all and made the whole room smile as she grooved to the beats. It makes my heart soar watching her. Without a care in the world. We have always told her what a great dancer is... she just knows that every time she gets into it, anyone within distance is smiling and grooving along with her. They took a bunch of pictures of her dancing away, so maybe they will show up on the SJ website. Who knows. We sure had fun watching her though. Whenever I see this, I know she is feeling better! :)

Earlier today, I was in the gym on the treadmill. I noticed Kayla eyeballing me. I asked her to sit in front of me for motivation. She happily did and man did it help! Sweat dripped off of me and I saw a smile form by way of a raised eyebrow.  When I finished, I told her, "that was for you".  I have decided when we get back, I want to blow up pictures of all of the kids here that we love that are fighting to keep us motivated. I am not kidding, it works! So, if you find yourself needing that extra push, keep this picture in your mind or print it out.


  1. Glad to hear Kayla ( and you and Denny too) had a good night and day today!! She is just amazing!
    Annie, keep up your will power too!

    Love and Big hugs,

    Lisa Byrne

  2. You ARE all motivation! What a beautiful girl! So happy to hear about the crackers and to see Kayla's smiling face. Also love the cute outfit. Happy and healing thoughts surround you all. When you dance we all do. You make our hearts smile. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  3. Keep it up, Annie and Kayla! Finish line is in sight!! xo Allie