Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PGA Field trip - Lots of fun today!

Six months here today. What a perfect day to be driven around on a golf cart! It was sunny and in the low 80's. Just beautiful. Our St. Jude bus arrived at the Golf Club House and we were greeted by many happy faces. It never gets old seeing so many faces brighten up just being around these amazing kids. This was our school field trip. How cool, huh?

The kids were all given matching St. Jude shirts to wear and then we were escorted to our private tent by golf carts. Inside, there were a lot of lovely Golfer's wives ready to get playing with the kids. They did face painting and once all of the kids had their faces painted, the tables turned and even a few of the golfers came by. Little did they know that eager fingers were ready with face paint for them too! It was so funny! We told them that they needed to play with it on. Can you imagine?

I'm sure there will be lots of great pics up on St. Jude's website soon. I'll make sure and post them when they are up! Look at how BRIGHT that flash is (((WOW)))
                                      Can you guess what she wanted painted on her cheek?

                                                     Of course!  A white kitty cat...

These were the two golfers that let the kids paint them silly. It was so funny! Anyone recognize the football player in the right of this picture (blue shirt)? He plays for the NFL.  I am probably the worst person ever to spot celebrities! Especially when it comes to sports.  I was told the golfers names twice now and have already forgotten! Ugh. Well, they will post it on St. Jude's site once the pictures are released.

             Kayla and one of the player's wives made a very special necklace for our friend Angiel

                                                                Angiel loved it! :)

Once the face painting was finished, we headed outside to sing a very special "Happy Birthday" to Zach. He was not feeling well today. Some days these kids try and tough it out so as to enjoy special events like this. Some days, the body just says "no".
Look at how BEAUTIFUL it was out here though! So pretty. I can't even imagine how much these houses cost! After one of the rounds, the people who live at the house on the right in the 3rd picture walked to the edge of their property. One of the players finished his shot and walked over to them to give hugs.

                The banner on this house says "Congrats St.Jude for 50 lifesaving years!"

Here is something funny. You know how they always hold those "hush" signs when the guys are about to hit the ball? The signs here actually say " HUSH Y'ALL". I'm not kidding! I wished so bad that I had a camera that would zoom that far.

After this, we got to ride in the golf carts again over to the dedication of a FedEx plane which is a huge sponsoring company of St. Jude. One of the former patients, McKaylee's name was painted on the side of this pane! It was so exciting for her to see it! Her dad works at FedEx. It was very cool. What an adorable little ham she is!!!! The crowd was roaring for her. So adorable.

We arrived back at the Target House to see that we had received a JoyJar from Jessie's foundation! Kayla was SO excited.

We continued our down time playing in the library.  It's starting to hit me how much we will miss our friends here.

Today, we had such a wonderful time. Just the two of us girls. It was so great to get out of the hospital and enjoy something fun before we go inpatient for our 4th round of yuck. I met a woman on the bus ride there who has been at St. Jude since 2008. You won't believe this.  She has 5 kids (that's not the shocker) 3 out of her 5 kids have cancer. Two of them are twins, and the third warrior is only 10 months old. AND if that isn't just awful enough, she (the mom) had Hodgkin Lymphoma two years ago. Can you even imagine? So, I will hold that precious wonderful woman close to my heart when I am having bad days. I will remember her story and be just... well.....? Grateful.


  1. The guy in the blue is warren moon. Glad you got to have such a nice day together!

  2. what a fabulous day this was for you all and those that got to serve and bless you! you will always hold your friends there in a special place in your heart. praying for meaningful, fun, and good memories days for your last round there. lots of prayers and hugs sent your way!!

  3. Until someone has walked in your shoes they will never understand what you all have been through and will continue to go through. There is a comfort in being around those familiar faces at St. Jude who "do" know and have at least a similar experience. Keeping in touch will help. Kayla is in our prayers.