Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 beginnings

I am SO excited! The awesome family from the Liberty Bowl last night, (now I know their names!) Rich, Heidi, Carson, Charlie & Maggie... also in 2nd grade, found us! If I feel this connection again from another family, I vow to at least get an exchange of info. Chance meetings like this are not usually a coincidence.

Hi guys! Thank you for so diligently looking us up. I know, hearing the name Kayla Dehnert isn't an easy one to look up! I give you endless credit for remembering the spelling of our last name over the roar of the crowd last night. We will never forget your faces. :)

Today was a very relaxing (and at times boring) day. Denny and I tried to get Kayla outside as much as possible. Kayla proved herself wrong. She didn't think she could after surgery on her neck, but she jumped. She rode a bike (kind of... a bit wobbly and we need practice) and she RAN!  It was not warm, but not cold either. Kayla and I sat in the sun for a good amount of time today with my comb while I tried to get as much as what was coming out, OUT. It is a never-ending task. I am hesitant to shave... I might have no choice because she is relentless with the begging. I get it... it's annoying and it itches. At some times. she says it itches and then in the next second it hurts. No matter how gentle you are touching. Even the wind hurts her at times. Who knows? I haven't been through it so I have nothing to compare it to.

I took a bunch of pics of her hair as it is.. TODAY. I want to remember all of the stages. Kayla, this is you. You are so funny. Tonight you said to me in these words exactly, "Mom, I'm FINE. I'm perfdik." This after reading a few emails to her from loved ones following the blog. People wanted her to know that they are proud of her and how strong she is. I love it. These are her words. "Mom, they don't need to worry at all about me because I feel fine. I feel PERFDIK", I wish I could say we all feel perfect here. I am fighting off a minor cold. I am quaranteening myself off and washing and sanitizing everything I touch. It's minor whatever is happening. Hopefully 100% by Tues. (I am giving myself tomorrow to do nothing). Denny, does this mean YOU will make coffee? Just wondering. ;)

Tomorrow is another lazy day for us. I have no idea what we will do. Hopefully more of nothing. I know it is boring... but sometimes boring is GOOD!

Cheers to all of our friends. Old and new. WE love you all!!!!!!!


  1. Kayla looks beautiful and she gets so much! So do you. I think she should design a hat line for this hair transition that sports her purple rose. Her artistic ability is incredible. Try four looks (designs) and figure out what they should be made of. Kayla, what would feel good on your most wonderful head?
    Rest... Take a breath and know that you are all loved, appreciated and perfdik, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. Kayla is incredibly perfdik! How amazing is she?! Despite all that she is going through, for those words to cross her lips is more proof that "children learn what they live!" God bless you all! I hope another day of "nothing" makes Mommy feel better! I am sure you need all the nothing you can get. Big hugs!

  3. Kayla, you're an inspiration to us all! Love, Cousins Allie, Jeff and Evan

  4. Thanks so much for sharing with us!! I can only imagine what it would feel like to be a mommy watch Kayla in this process. YOU are so brave :)...too. I can say, as having gone through losing my hair, that it does hurt even when the wind blows through your few hairs left. Just from a cancer person's perspective, it 'might' hurt less after maybe if her head is shaved. Maybe less hair to get caught or be pulled even so slightly on a pillow case. I have another friend (around my age) who had whole brain radiation for a brain tumor. She now is 4+ years out, cancer free, and has a HEAD full of gorgeous hair back :).

    I'll be praying that you are able to get restful naps/sleeps in as well!! Peace and prayers to you all!


  5. Kayla is so pretty in these pics and you as a mommy are so brave. Being a hairstylist I'm sure it must be extra tough on you to see your baby's hair gone. But it will be back, with vengeance and be fuller and even more beautiful!
    We love you all!

  6. She IS PERFDIK!!! She is so beautiful and always will be, regardless of what happens, inside and out. I am so proud to be her Aunt!!

  7. Hi Annie!
    So glad you posted on Chase's caringbridge site. I am looking forward to meeting you all. If you should need anything please feel free to let me know. Since we are old pros here at St. Jude we can give you a little insite on how to navigate the channels around here.
    Melissa Hamm