Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Good Morning friends! We had a busy day yesterday. We were on our way out of Target House and the fire alarm went off. It was SO loud. I have never heard one so loud before. Anyway, out we went to wait and hope that everything was ok. Babies were woken up from their naps. Some kids were wheeled out in their chairs. Luckily, our coats had just been thrown on! Timing was on our side.

The fire trucks came blaring down the street and into the open gates of Target House. The guys ran out of the trucks and into the building with all of their gear. The kids were so excited.  We chatted amongst ourselves that someone probably just burnt some toast. Denny guessed that it's because of the construction. Someone probably triggered it w/ smoke from soldering.

After the men came back out to tell us all was safe (and Denny was right about the construction triggering it), the firefighters went up to the kids to give hand shakes and let them try on their helmets. It made me tear up to see the guys even more excited about this then the kids. It's the first time that I have ever seen the heroes sharing the spotlight. Bald heads are their badges. A different kind of Hero. Some saving lives. Some fighting for theirs. I saw it clearly in that moment.... it was beautiful.

After the excitement calmed down, we drove over to the Children's Museum of Memphis. It's about 5 minutes away. What a GREAT place!!!! We were so impressed that we bought a yearly admission. St. Jude patients get in free w/ one parent, but the other two pay. So nice! It will be well worth the money. They even allow birthday parties there! I am trying to convince Kayla that she will have friends by her birthday in May. I just wish the museum was a little cleaner. This will not be a place I take the kids during the low count days. It was SO much fun. When I tore AJ away from the FedEx plane, he was SO upset to leave. He shouted out to me, "MOM, you have just RUINED my life"!!! Hahaha.... he's 4. Gotta love it. I just laughed. I couldn't help it. I promised him we would go back a lot. He seemed ok after that. His temper is on and off like a light switch.

This was the COOLEST part. It's a maze! You have to pop through the holes while climbing really high!! It was really fun for the kids... until Kayla bumped her head. She cried that she hit her drain. She means the scar on the top where the drain was after her surgery. I promised her there was no blood and her head looked ok. Not having hair to buffer little blows like that must make it hurt so much more. Plus, we have been so careful to guard her head that it makes her sensitive and scared to bonk it or hurt it in any way. Despite the tears, I think she loved this part of the museum the best.  Denny was tempted to try it. I talked him out of it. Silly guy!

We came back to Target House and I continued working on the slideshow for the upcoming event that our friends back home are putting together. It's turning out really beautiful. My eyes have been a mess, but it's worth it.

Denny and Kayla left early this morning with Kayla's first appointment being school. Aj and I hung back and had breakfast (and I could update the blog). We are going to catch the shuttle to the hospital which should be really exciting for the little guy. It also breaks up his day so he doesn't get too crazy over there.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today is Kayla's 21st day of Radiation.... 10 more treatments to go after today. I'm starting to see the light at the end of tunnel #1.


  1. The museum looks beautiful! Of course Kays will have a huge party with friends. She is so silly! She makes friends at the drop of a hat. It does hurt my heart to know that you will still all be there in May :(. We will have to celebrate all your bdays --RE-DO--when this is all over. How fun would that huge party be? I absolutely adored the happy bday song on my 30th ! Unfortunately, I also got to have food poisoning, too! Awful. I had it since Sunday night and am staying home today b/c I am still hurting, so I'll be around if you guys wanna skype! I love you all so much!!! Thinking of you always....Auntie Nikki

  2. What a fun day it looks like you all had! Kayla looks great, and love AJ. Kayla's radiant personality, she'll have a several new friends for her birthday in May. I love your blog posts, your writing is awesome, and descriptive. I look at your blog several times a day, although I seem to have problems posting comments. (surprised!) Remember I only know medical and scripture! LOL Computers aren't my thing. (ha ha ha) I love you Annie, thanks for always keeping us updated and the pictures, we appreciate it as we walk this journey with you!

    Hugs and love,

  3. I'm glad you guys got to go out and have fun! The museum reminds me of the Discovery Museum in Sausalito. I remember when we went there with our playgroup and you, Kayla, me and Katie stayed longer after everyone else left. I was just looking at the pictures of that day the other day. The kids were so young!

  4. Just to say hello - I came over from a link from your cousin Allison's blog. Sending my very best wishes to you and your family and am happy to be able to donate a little bit to getting Kayla Rose better. Glad that you had a lovely time at the museum.

  5. THAT place looks AWESOME! OMG the cage maze Matt would love now I know why you said they were in seventh heaven!

  6. What an amazing day! Kayla I am so proud of you . You are the sweetest girl I have ever met. I can't wait to see you back at church and Sunday school.

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I pray for you every day Kayla. Sometimes I can't stop crying happy tears or you! You are the sweetest, funniest,and artistic girl In the world!

    STAY STRONG KAYLA ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We are thinking of you all everyday! I check your blog all day long waiting for new posts. Thank you for keeping us updated and don't ever feel obligated. You are such amazing parents! Anthony, you are such a brave and helpful brother! Kayla, you are so beautiful and sweet! Love you!