Saturday, January 28, 2012

A party for Kayla! Who's Going?

So, our friends back home have been working night and day on creating a fun and incredible night to honor Kayla (and raise some money to help us... thank you!!!!)  Just in case you live locally and want to go, but aren't on facebook or aware yet, we wanted to share the upcoming event details. We want all of you who support Kayla to be able to go to this amazing and memorable event.

I am told tickets are going fast, so I wanted to post this on the blog to get it out to you... the true supporters in this journey. I still find myself speechless. I can just say, this is going to be a night to remember. THANK YOU to everyone who is selflessly putting our family in your forethoughts day after day. It means the world to us to know we have such amazing friends at home rooting us on!

We love you ALL!!!!  As of right now, I am told, there are 36 tickets available. (posted at 9pm Sat)
 I have been working on a special presentation. It is very dear to me. I can't wait for you all to see it!!!

Here is the direct link for tickets:


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I'm donating a baby quilt. Happy to support you in any way I can. Cate

  2. Love this pic of sweet Kays! Geoff and I are going and Geoff is donating a painting, too. We can't wait to celebrate Kayla !


  3. We follow your blog often, our kids love to hear what you are up to! Our 3 1/2 yr old is at Good Shepherd and our daughter 5 is at Rancho. Our nephew is fighting ALL, my mom lung CA, this is an illness that touches us all closely, we will be at your auction and celebrate you and your lovely family, we are with you on your journey. We do not know you personally but you are in our heart and we send love, good wishes and strength to all of you. Kayla, your mom is amazing, she reminds me so much of my sister in law with her ability to keep everyone updated, remain positive and yet share her heartache in a way that make us cry with you, such a special talent. Much love to all of you, Very Fondly, The Byers Family, Novato CA.

  4. Hi - Neil and I are coming too! How can I donate a painting for the auction? Carolyn Meyer

  5. WE ARE 1 ticket away from SELLING OUT!