Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Kayla is cracking up here while squawking like a bird or some kind of creature
We are waiting for her 20th radiation treatment here.
Kayla is doing her best to continue her calorie battle. I know all the tricks, but it's hard. There isn't much that she won't gag over. Peanut butter included. (and that was one of her old favorites!) What she will eat, I'm making sure she gets lots of.

Happily doing her school work. Kayla missed this SO much!

We have been doing school work and playing a lot of games. Kayla and her dad took a knitting class last night. Denny came back with a ball of yarn and needles. He is addicted to it.  He is determined to master it... liking it to solving a Rubik's Cube. ;)  Doing anything creative is always a good thing. They were so cute this morning. When Den forgot how to get it started, Kayla remembered one of the steps he had forgotten. It's awesome. I love that the woman teaching the group didn't even ask if he wanted to try. She just assumed they were there only for Kayla. They don't know my husband. He isn't afraid to try anything and is happy to challenge any cliches. I love that about him!!

In all fairness, you should see how long his scarf (or what ever it turns out being) is now. I will have to take another pic tomorrow so I can give his hard work due justice. 

Tomorrow we might go to the children's museum of memphis. We need to get out of here and do something fun together. Monday is a day off at the hospital again. Another 3 day weekend. Where once we lived for the break, now we aren't quite as grateful for them. They have taken on a new meaning.  We want to get this over with!!! For now, there will be a whole lot more of this going on.

Whatever you do, we hope you are enjoying every second of it :)


  1. I just want to say that I am SO SORRY that you all have to go through this! You are being incredibly strong in the face of terrible adversity. You are scared and displaced, and no matter how grateful you feel to be in the best place possible, it doesn't alleviate the feeling that you shouldn't need to be there at all. You are a beautiful family, wonderful parents and incredible children. I wish that this burden wasn't yours to bear, but since it is, please know that you are truly an inspiration. Thinking of, praying for and loving you guys every day! Stay strong dear ones!
    Love, Ari
    P.S. Love that Denny is knitting. I started to learn once, but forgot everything. Maybe he will be able to help me brush up! ;-). And Ava will love to see what Kayla makes!

  2. I love these pictures so much! Denny is such a great father and you are such a great mother for posting this blog! Give Kayla and Anthony big kisses for us!

  3. Oh, your DIY artsy AuntieAnn is loving the story of Denny and Kayla learning to knit together! We know what a caring, strong, smart, beautiful, creative woman/mama you are, Annie, having had you nearby for quite a few of your growing-up years. Living cross-country, one of the many great things about your blog is getting to know Denny a little better. What a guy, being there, totally involved, and now knitting! A special hug going his way this morning. LOVE these pictures! xxooAuntieAnn

  4. Love this! Well, as the former owner of a yarn shop, of course I love hearing that Denny is totally addicted to knitting! Men are usually the best knitters - they are fearless. Before long he will be knitting complicated cabled sweaters for everyone! Look up - it's facebook for knitters. I am supercrafty on there. And, I, by the way, am a conservative, fearful knitter. I can't wait to see what he makes!

    xoxo Allie

  5. This is all so good and heartwarming to see......Den, after showing Gramma this blog, she is so very excited that you WANT to learn to knit! And she has one question for you, "Trouble with the caston? Don't worry, it will come to you, and if you want, we can Skype later to show you some cool little tricks of mastery!" You can do it, Den! We love you!!!!

  6. Denny---you are way cool.
    You rock!
    What fun for all. Glad to see
    our Princess likes to do her
    homework. Anthony looks good,
    too. Stay strong and keep
    the faith.
    Blessings to you all,
    Dianne (Donna's Mom)

  7. Love love those pictures! Always makes me smile to see Kayla's big smile and seeing her laugh and be goofy. So cute of Kayla sleeping on Denny. When you mentioned that Denny took the knitting class, I thought to myself that he would want to master it, that is so awesome about him. Stay strong, our positive thoughts are always flowing to you.