Monday, January 9, 2012


Ok, now don't freak out by the blog title. Actually, I hate that there has to be a blog title. Sometimes I am ready to post for a long time, but because I have to title my blog, it gets delayed. From now on, I will just put the date.

So, because you know I am rambling about a blog title, know this min-crisis ended FINE.

I'll start with Kayla because, after all, this is her diary ;)

Kayla had her first day of school here at St. Jude! It went great! Her teacher said that she has been in touch w/ Mrs. Boerio and so she started off to see what Kayla would remember from where she left off. Kayla was SO excited to get to work. She didn't miss a beat. Her teacher said she did great! We got our first homework assignment. I told her to feel free to LOAD us up!

The second big happy news is that Kayla successfully completed her 2nd trial radiation w/o sedation! She did great. After she completes tomorrow (and she will) we will be able to have breakfast as a family again!!!!!!!!! That will be SO great. GO KAYLA!!!!! :) :) :)

Ok, now onto the drama of my night and the reason for tonight's late post.  Tonight, Target II hosted a "january birthday" dinner. Between that and the craft room, Anthony lost his precious and beloved BABY PUPPY!!!!! Ok, anyone who knows him knows that's like cutting a life line. Denny searched all over T2 and couldn't find him. I did my best to get Anthony to understand... but it was so hard for him. He cried and begged me to not let anyone throw him away. It broke my heart. With the strict sanitation rules around here I kind of wondered what they might do if they found him. But, this is a kid hospital. SPARE BABY PUPPY!!!!!!!! I printed out a flyer:

HELP! Have you seen my baby puppy?

Last seen: last night (Tues, Jan 9)  in the Target House II. 
If you see him, can you please let the front desk know?
Love, from a VERY sad 4 year old who lives in Target House I - Room 508

At 10:00pm I had had enough. I felt that it was my job as his mommy to go and print these flyers in the main lobby (that's where there is a printer). I printed out 6 copies. Two for the 4 elevators spaced between T I & T II and for both of the main bulletin boards. As I was on my last sweep of T II, I was telling Debbie, who was still dilligently working away in her office,  to search the mens room while I searched every chair. Lo and behold... I FOUND HIM!!!! In the Brad Paisley room..... just waiting for his boy to find him. I felt like I was in a live version of Toy Story. I was so happy I cried!!!! Debbie was SO happy too. I ripped down the flyers and almost ran (yes, almost... ha) back up to our room. I happily tucked him under Anthony's arm as he slept. I can't wait to show him the posters I printed tonight. He needs to understand now why we keep telling him NOT to bring him out of our apartment. This is why! I remember when Kayla was Anthony's age and she lost her beloved blankie in Target store!!! I tore that place apart until a kind woman heard us both sobbing and came up to ask if the blanket she was holding was "the" blankie we had been searching for.... Ironic. Anyway, Anthony does not need to lose his comfort item here while we are going through all of this. It would be the worst time and place ever. Debbie said, "I sure hope you will get a good night's sleep now"...... Yes. I will!!!! 

I hope you all have your "luvies" hugged tight tonight.  A lesson in love, I guess!


  1. AAAWWWWW! I can totally relate! One time we left Jake's "Doggy" in the car at the airport when we went to Florida for more than a week. We bought a replacement, which he subsequently named Fred, but it wasn't the same and he wasn't fooled, of course. He cried himself to sleep every single night that we were there. We don't let Doggy go out of the house either for exactly that reason. I am sure he wil be so happy when he wakes up tomorrow morning. Just another example of what a GREAT mom you are! And, yay Kayla for Day 2! You rock!! Dehnert family breakfast here you come! XOXO

  2. OMG BABY PUPPY!!! That is his lifeline. He held onto it the whole time he was here! I think it provided him a comfort that one thing would always be the same, even while you guys were away: BABY PUPPY. I am so glad you found it! The fliers are too darn cute. I would love to have one and frame it!!! Save one and bring it back when you come!! Do you know the date you guys will return here? I know you all need your rest time and settling in to the house so dearly missed, but at some point, we'd love to come and bring over takeout or whatever and spend time so deeply missed as a family. Please let me know! Also, if there are any times you know in the future where you have an off day and want to skype on the computer!! Love you all with all of me! Auntie Nicole

  3. now this even requires that I learn how to post.... i drop him off and you two lost baby puppy!? the horror! i rode with him on my head in front of peers to insure his whereabouts in airports, in airplanes, on trams!

    ikea, here i come... (i hear denny txting me. i'm gonna get a litter of baby puppies as payback, you tell our boy.)

  4. WHOA!!!!

    Kayla, congratulations on being a "student" again. School is such a great thing to have in your life, and as you well know, is your "job". I'm so happy that you are back in the swing of things in that department! Yayyyyyyy!

    And you're almost there with no more NPO....!!!!!!!!!.....WOWWWWWIEEEE!!!!
    I am so very proud of this accomplishment too. It shows me how fast you're growing up and doing what you need to do to get the job done. You will be the STAR at St. Jude that everyone who works there will talk about. You have such an awesome attitude, my sweet Granddaughter!!!!! I think I brag about you everyday to my friends. I'm so glad I'm your Neena. :) :)

    And AJ!!!!!! I surely know how important Baby Puppy is to you, especially during this time!!!! Maybe you really learned that it is so so SO important to keep Baby Puppy in a very safe place while you're exploring around Target House and Tennessee. Remember how we kept him in the car while we did our errands or shopped around? Well, your "fake house" (as you so kindly put it) is now your "safe house" for Baby Puppy!!! So, KEEP BABY PUPPY SAFE from now on, okay? Now that's a good plan. :) :) :)

    Would love to Skype soon, just like Auntie. Maybe we can do it all together and "get 'er done"!!!

    I love and miss you all BUNCHES!!!

    Your Very Proud Neena

  5. I was so excited to read about Kayla's victories. Such a great day for her. Then I read the part about Baby Puppy and I gasped. A boy needs his pup! I am glad that all turned out well. Stay Strong Kayla! We miss you all.

  6. One more day, and then no more NPO. Way to go Kayla! You are one awesome and inspiring girl. Stay strong in all that you do.

    Oh my gosh, Baby Puppy. Any parent that's been through it knows. We lost Doggie in San Francisco when Nick was 3 or 4. After much stress and time, we did eventually find her. After that, I bought her a dog collar, and had our name and phone number printed on a dog tag, which she wore from then on. You know, just in case.

    Happy to see you all together again.

    Chuck, Pam, Nick and Sophie

  7. awwe poor Anthony. Glad he found his luvie! Its amazing how positive you all are, and Kayla especially. She still looks as happy as ever.

  8. OMG I can feel the frustration, poor mommy, but Mommy will MOVE mountains to find BABY PUPPY! YAY for mommy, BIGGER YAY for AJ! Love Carolyn's comment LOL. Even I had to put baby puppy up above the fish tank so that baby puppy wouldnt become Axel's baby sucky! LOL

    Kayla you are such WARRIOR, so proud of you for continuing to be so brave and kick'n the NPO to the curb. No worries, Koko will make her special nummies when you get home to fatten those cheekies! You know I've got kid CRAZY fun and YUMMY in my arsenal.

    Enjoy school and OMG send me a link on those crafty magnetic gigs! MWAH Jayna