Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, Jan 11th

Today was a rainy and somewhat quiet day. Denny decided I needed a break after yesterday. He took Kayla to school at 9am and returned again at 1:00 for her radiation appointment. I kept busy with Anthony here. He got a haircut (even thought he fought me all the way!) He hates getting a haircut. The haircut prompted laundry and a thorough floor cleaning. So, we did get down to the play room too just in time for Kayla and Daddy to return for their mid-day break. Kayla ate a good amount today! I made Brownies, so she was very excited. Once Radiation was over, we decided to try her new appetite medicine, dronabinol.  We weren't sure how she would react so we chose to start it after radiation. We didn't want any chances at her treatment being missed or pushed back. The medication worked great! Not only was she eating great, but she completed all of her homework with nothing wrong. So far, we are happy!!

Anthony watching while Kayla gets her bandages changed. Who can ever get used to this site? Not me...

Tonight, we are thinking of our friends who are gathering at Finnegan's tonight to help support us here. We can't thank you all enough. A HUGE thank you to Finnegan's for being so generous.  I hope you all leave with full bellies and big smiles! MUCH LOVE from Memphis!!!!!!

I need to post this earlier next time! I will... We can't thank you all enough for keeping us standing strong. In your words. Your prayers. Your thoughts. Your emails. Your blog posts. In your donations. We can never say thank you loud enough. There are no words really..............

A special huge thank you to my friend Chris (Graphic Bungalow) who created the logo and did this flyer. She is very talented and so generous to have given her time away from her own beautiful family to do this for us. Thank you!!! I will re-post this before the next two events as well for all of our local friends and family.


  1. Stay strong! Thank you Finnegans for our delicious take out tonight in honor of Kayla!

    The Burgess Family

  2. We're thinking about you Kayla and are happy that you are keeping a chin up while you go through your treatments! The Stutzman family had a yummy dinner in your honor at Finnegan's tonight! All of your second grade friends can't wait to see you again!

    - Pam Stutzman

  3. Lots of folks at Finnegans tonight, and lots of take-out meals. They also included all receipts for the Dine & Donate! Way to go Finnegans!!!!

  4. Kayla is pulling an already very tight community even closer together. Go Novato! I am so proud.

  5. Novato misses the daylights out of you guys.
    I read every word of your diary wihout turning away. It keeps my prayers FRESH. Walter and I will be eating out alot. It's all about Faith,
    Hope and charity. That will get you through this.
    Cathy Carle

  6. Thinking of you all each and every day! Love you!

  7. Love you guys!
    Thalia, Bob Megan & Amanda

  8. Posted on Facebook - looks like a fun night out!

  9. PS: a sneaky thing for brownies is to make them with applesauce instead of oil - more vitamins and just as moist. I sub 1:1. This works for box mixes as well. Sometimes I sneak some pureed veggies in there, too. Shhh...

  10. This is so cool---what a blessing to see folks
    pull together for our little Princess!
    Way to go!