Friday, January 6, 2012

More Great News

Today I am in heaven. Hearing the sound of Anthony's laughter has brought the joy back into our family! We have been missing his energy more then I can even explain. We had a very busy morning and afternoon, but are kicking back now in the Amy Grant room, eating popcorn and watching Kung Fu Panda 2 (yes, again). Listening to these three cracking up (yes, Denny included)  is mommy medicine indeed.

This morning we woke up and drove over to the hotel to pick up Carolyn. We headed on over to the hospital. The first appointment was for Kayla to have her "pre-practice" with Amy from Child Life. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but she has to practice 3 successful times while still NPO (no food after midnight) before they will clear her for radiation while being non-sedated. She will still need to be NPO all three times because they will be booking the sedation team as a back up in case she can't do it. They have to keep her on schedule! She was just supposed to lay on the table this time and have the mask on to get the feel of it. No big deal. It shouldn't take long at all.  Then, we will all be able to walk back while Kayla gets her sleepy medicine.  Ok, back to my story... So, this morning she walked back by herself with Amy while Carolyn, Denny, Anthony and I waited and played. We were out there for a while and I saw Kayla walk by the door (through a window) down the hallway.  I told Den & Carolyn to be ready, that they would most likely call us back in a few minutes.  Well, 15 mins easily passed and I said to Carolyn, "well, maybe they just sedated her and she is already in Radiation". I explained that it was odd that they didn't come out to get us, but that I wasn't worried AT ALL because I totally trust them! I know that team and they all ROCK. So, a nurse came out to tell me just then that they were about to call us back in a few minutes.  She explained that they were  able to practice a lot of things today, but not to worry. When I explained that I thought they had already taken her in, and that I wasn't worried one bit, she said, "oh no... we would never ever do that without you being there". I smiled and the nurse said she would be back in just a few. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled and we waited. A few minutes later, Kayla and her entourage of at least 10 people all came through the exit door of the recovery room. She had this HUGE grin on her face. Amy and Kayla announced proudly that SHE DID IT!!! She actually did her first real practice without being sedated and she did GREAT!!!!!!!! Everyone was cheering and clapping. It was one of the most wonderful moments I have had in a long time. It was such wonderful and incredible news! I have been smiling all day!!!!!!!!! So, now she only needs to do it again Monday and Tuesday, NPO, and she will be able to eat breakfast again. It's wonderful news because that means we are one step closer to hopefully getting some weight back on this girl. We are just so so excited. It's a huge accomplishment. She told us it wasn't too bad. She got to listen to Dr. Seuss (books on tape). Remember, we haven't been in school since October really... so there is a little regression. She will be requesting Junie B. Jones in no time! haha

Carolyn got the quick tour of both Target houses yesterday. We played on the playground a lot. Today she got the tour of St. Jude. It really is an incredible place!!!! Kayla got her artwork hung in the E-Clinic! (another proud momma moment)

I wouldn't have put both pictures in, but the one showing the art without showing the artist was a tad blurry. I wanted to make sure she got credit for her work. ;)
Carolyn picked up some souvenirs for the girls from the gift shop and we were on our way to the Memphis Airport. It was way too quick of a visit, but I know the girls must already be missing their mommy. I am blessed to have such an amazing friend. She took care of Anthony (and continues looking after our house, fish and cat) like they are her own. Nails all clipped on certain days, etc. She keeps all the routines we keep. I only hope that one day I can pay it forward to her! Hopefully it will be for a vacation or romantic get away with her hubby.

We will miss you girl!!!!

Not sure what we will be up to this weekend... a lot of hugging and snuggling for sure.

Thank you so much again for all of the kind words, love, prayers, and support!

Love,  from one blessed momma


  1. Oh, happy day! Keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy your weekend and all the triumph of your faith and loving work. We warm our hearts around your words and wonderful photos. Kayla is so beautiful and STRONG! Ditto to all of you. (You and Carolyn look like sisters.) Love, prayers, support and gratitude, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. Oh happpyyy happppy days!!! Anthony's arrival, sibling play times, great '1st and successful try's at radiation practice!! W O W!!! What great days!!! I am so happy that your family is again together and that better days, at least in the near future, are ahead. Yay, for future weight gain!!

    Kayla, you are SO beautiful :).


  3. beautiful artwork hun I love it. hope you have a wonderful weekend full of smiles.

  4. GREAT news!! It would be so tough to sit so still the whole time and she did it!!

    I love Kayla's art work!

    I am so glad that your family is all back together now and that Anthony has put some laughter back into your household!

  5. Hoooray for Kayla! Perfect practice and great artwork! xxooAuntieAnn

  6. We love the artwork! Good for you Kayla on your first practice run!

  7. Your posts are absolutely heartwarming! So glad that your family has been reunited with Anthony there! It is clear that he has managed to bring joy to you all! And, great job Kayla! She confirms every single day how strong she is. I am truly humbled by your sign off of "one blessed momma". With all that you and your family are facing, for you to say that is truly something. It reminds me EVERY day how blessed I am, so thank you for that!! I know I sound like a broken record, but you are all so inspiring! Enjoy your weekend!! TGIF. Love and prayers always, Ari XOXO

  8. There are few things that bring tears to my eyes but your families story has done that. I am very inspired by the strength of little Kayla and wish for a full recovery for you and your family. It hits home with me too because I have an 8-year old named Kayla also and she knows your daughter from school. Just wanted to pass on some positive thoughts and let you know people back home in Novato are thinking of you.

  9. Carol HadjiandreouJanuary 7, 2012 at 2:14 PM

    We don't know you sweet, strong and special Kayla Rose, but we are so proud of you. We are friends with Donna Young and have the privilege of praying for you each day. We have 4 little girls, Kayla Mary, Isabella, Makenna and Ava and each night we pray for you and your family. We are in South Africa right now, but as soon as we get home we can't wait to show our support with our Kayla Rose shirts. Thank you for sharing your story with us, we love you and your very special family. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you, may He make His face Shine upon you, turn His face toward you and give you peace. We look forward to giving you a big hug one day when you come back to Valenia. With love, The Hadjiandreou family (carol, J-P, kayla, isabella, makenna & ava)

  10. Kayla---You rock! Your Auntie is SO proud of you!! I can only hope to have a daughter like you one day.

    What fabulous news!!!

    Love hearing that AJ and Denny are laughing together...
    Love that Kayla had the accomplishment that means so much more!
    Love that Carolyn was there to witness it!

    Love you all!! Hurry home !! We miss you !

  11. So happy for you! We are going to church this morning and requesting a prayer for Kayla, so, our whole church will be praying and we know how powerful prayer is! We have gotten to know kayla through your blog and we love you and care about you soooo much, some times I wish I could give you a big long hug. God is the strength that you have, He is the healing that you are and He is light that you shine so bright.
    love, Helen and Maya from Novato :)