Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

We've been busy here doing our daily things. OT, PT, School, Radiation etc.  Meanwhile our friends back home have been fighting just as hard for us to keep our house, pay our medical bills, and allow us to be here as a family to kick cancer in the booty!!! We continue to be amazed by the generosity of people we don't even know. You are all amazing. We can't thank you enough!!!! 

This is a picture from the Epiphany Breakfast this past Saturday at our church in Novato, Good Shepherd Lutheran. Anthony's teacher (and she was Kayla's too!) Mrs. Beckmann had a HUGE hand in getting our flyers and info out to everyone there. (I LOVE the poster... so sweet!) People were so amazing and gracious. God Bless you all!!!!!  Thank you to my amazing friend, Thalia and her daughter Megan for posing and showing us the love from home. Megan and Kayla have been friends since 2! We miss you so much!!! HUGS!

People and KIDS have been so incredibly supportive! From Mrs. Weiser's amazing Kindergarten class buying pins and donating to us... 

Two gracious moms at Lu Sutton created Coins for Kayla and asked the kids to find loose change at home. The bucket was SO full that one of the dad's could barely carry it out! Every single kid at Lu Sutton participated.  Thank you so much!!!!!!!  

We are very honest with Kayla and tell her all the kind thinks people are doing to ensure we keep a roof over our head and for us to all be here together as a family. She sees me tearing up over it all the time. Kayla is already coming up with creative ways to try and give back.  She is just like us... already wanting to find ways to pay back all the love. People are just amazing. I say it all the time, people ARE good!!! Thank you to all of the kids in Kayla's 2nd grade class for all the love! She reads her book that you all made over and over. We loved the video as well. You can imagine how much it means to us and can be such a GREAT distraction on the hard days.

 I forgot to add this. This is Anthony climbing the rock wall at the museum on Monday.

The kids got to make pizzas for lunch. They even give you a chef hat to wear (and take home). Sweet!

Full belly after eating one whole slice of her pizza. It's a good thing it's only $2.49. Next time they share! :) The good news is Kayla gained one whole ounce! Yes, every ounce counts right now...

Photo compliments of the 4 yr old!

After a long day, it's time to come home and relax. Kayla got her dressing changed. She continues to hate having this done. She despises the stinging and seeing the stitches. She puts her blankie on her head until it's all over. There is a lot of deep breathing involved. She told me it won't end until they are out! (and that will be once Chemo is over with).

Anthony is requesting a SPECIAL Hello out to his friends in his pre-school class. He LOVED the card you all made for him! Thank you :)

Kayla is teaching Anthony poker. Denny continues to knit. I am still enjoying sharing our journey. Thank you for reading and being here to support us through it all. We are so forever grateful!!!!


  1. Annie: You're doing such an amazing job photo-journaling, along with the Blog! It creates the illusion that we're "there" with you. <3 Thank you for sharing these beloved moments; they're all so special!

    Denny: You're an amazing son, and an even more amazing Father. I'm so beaming with pride over the great person you've become. :-D

    Kayla: You're doing an amazing job keeping up with being STRONG. You gooooooo Girl! I just love being your Neena and bragging to everyone that I'm your grandma!

    AJ: Looks like you're fitting in at St. Jude just perfectly! And what an adventure to experience all this cool stuff with your family! You deserve a trophy for being such an amazing brother!

    So, basically, YOU ARE ALL SUCH AMAZING PEOPLE! And I miss you dearly!


  2. Haven't written lately... Just wanted to let you know I think about you every day and am sending lots of love your way. Your blog is my nightly ritual before I go to bed. You are all amazing! Love, Lannette

  3. Reading you posts daily and amazed at the strength in your words. You have a city behind you, supporting you all. We pray for you daily. Stay strong. Love, the Gouldys.

  4. You give to everyone every day when you are a shining example of courage! It is truly heartwarming to see the community come together for you all and Kayla. You deserve it all and more! The things you have shared help me to focus on what is important in my life everyday, and I know from talking to MANY other people that you have touched them deeply. We love you, follow the blog daily and pray, pray, pray! Stay strong!

  5. Great photos! No one wants or expects you to pay them back - they do it out of love for your family - just pay it forward! When this is all over, you will never forget how it made you feel to be helped. You see another family in a similar situation, you will be that person that goes the extra mile for them. Even if it's just writing them every day, making dinner, sending a little money to help them get by, telling them you're thinking of them, whatever. This is a life changing event that will forever change and improve your perspective on the importance of helping others and those in your community. As I always learn from your positive outlook, there is good in every situation!

    We are all cheering for you. You are more than half way through, on the homestretch!!

    xoxo Allie

    PS: Denny, do you need more yarn??

  6. Chiming in to say "Ditto" to Allie's comment! We remember so well (30 years later) the Thursday meal delivery from Devon Elementary moms when Will was at CHOP, and all the other supports from friends, neighbors, church and a pre-internet time. We learned that those acts of support and kindness helped others feel a part of the healing process, as they so definitely are. It takes a village, and you've got a fabulous one!
    Love, hugs, AuntieAnn

  7. A big "Hi" and "I miss you" to Anthony from Claire at GSLS. Claire has been talking a lot about Anthony being in "Memphis" with Kayla. We are thinking of you (always) and wishing "stay strong" thoughts to each of you. Thank you for sharing and all of the wonderful pictures.
    Love, Claire and Melissa

  8. Sometimes, Moms and daughters think alike and then the Mom posts before the daughter does. :) I love you all so much and am so grateful for this blog, because it is the only way I know how you all are doing. I love to see the smiles on your faces in lieu of everything going on. I cannot wait to be with you all again. --Auntie and Sissy Nikki!

  9. You guys are so on my mind and am making sure to make everyone I can aware too! Saw your Mommy and Wylie the other day, it was a fun family reunion with the 7 shih tzus all dining and playing together in my little house! I don't have a lot to give financially right now , but I will do my best to spread the word, and pray really hard for you and your fam, also I'm going to offer a piece of my jewelry for one of the upcoming fund raisers. Love from me and all my shih tzus! Arianne