Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eat, eat... and EAT!

This morning we woke up to SNOW! It wasn't sticking, but it was blowing hard. So much fun to watch. I tried to catch the snow falling, but it was falling so fast!

So, we heard last night's dine and donate was PACKED! How awesome are our Novato friends??? I am so missing you all! We are so grateful to you....... To ALL of you. Local. East Coast. West Coast and now even around the world. Kayla has no idea how many people are rooting for her. She kind of gets it. It's bigger then a 7 year old can really grasp though.  (I promise to keep trying to explain that part of it to her)

Today's radiation went well.  Kayla's new favorite person in RO is Chance. It helps that he shares the name with her beloved dog that passed. We have a soft spot for "Chance's" every where.

Den and Kayla skyping friends. (Kayla patiently waiting for her time alone in the chair) ;)

Thanks to the new meds, Kayla's appetite is continuing to climb! She keeps having us feel her spine to see if more ounces are being added on.... we are keeping fingers crossed. She ate a LOT of buttered noodles, graham crackers, brownies and  chips & salsa today. I told her that we would see on Monday, but to keep it up!!! She is really excited about this competition between her and Anthony. Unfortunately, Anthony is on a similar diet.......... we shall see who wins. Uh oh! haha

Still a few too many bones showing for mom to be happy...... we are on a mission!!!
(Dad is flushing her lines here)

Our goal for tomorrow will be the same... pack on the calories for Kayla. Oh Dear Lord, please give me strength to burn them off. Please?? So far, I have not won this battle.


  1. Gooooooo Kayla, GOOOOOOOOOO!

    You can do this! Beat Anthony!!!!

    Come on Denny, SKYPE WITH MEEEEEEE too! I'm your friend too, right?

    I love the name Chance......only very kind people/animals have had that name that I know....RIP Chance.

    So happy to hear about the appetite meds working. One step at a time, and the goal will be accomplished!

    Good job Dehnerts!


  2. Yes, I'll jump on the Skyping band wagon, too. Come on! I'll be away this weekend for my 30th bday Monday. Yes, your little sister is going to be 30, but I would love to plan a date/time that you all are free.

    Kayla, you can beat AJ!!! Just keep eating! If it tastes good, eat it and eat some more!!! Honey Nut Cheerios and similar cereals taste like air (like nothin is filling you up) and you can eat tons of them for more calories!

    Love to you all.

  3. Annie, can you please read my comments to Kays? I want her to know that I love her so much and am always thinking of her! It's hard, because I'm not sure if you just read these or she does, too. XOXO

  4. haha I feel ya as far as packing on the calories, and getting them off! It is hard. But right now, no need to worry about that. You are dealing with a lot right now, and as long as Kayla is packing on calories too, its all good. That is so cute that Kayla and Anthony are racing. I do that with Ash too, because he is not the best eater sometimes. I think it is great Anthony is finally out there, for Kayla to have that normal feeling, plus for you. To help you focus on things other than the treatments. You are a great mom, and soon enough will just be worrying about putting on sunscreen, brushing teeth, bath time, ect. And the little stupid things we worry about in life, will just not matter anymore!! Love you all!!!!

  5. So glad Kayla's appetite is up, and that Anthony is bringing his positive energy to the family!

  6. Were rooting for you Kayla!!! I'll make you guys some "healthy fat" organic chicken and vegetable stock for you when you come home. That was what helped Shannon. We added it to everything we could (mostly pasta sauce) and after her year of "non-growth/failure to thrive" after the pneumonia, she gained a whole pound in a month! Amazing how exciting that was. I cried at that doctor visit, tears of joy. Also, fish oil and any Omega 3s you can get into her might help. We have been adding this stuff to smoothies and even pancake batter for a while and it's good stuff. I don't know if you can find it in TN, but when you come home they have it at Pharmaca next to TJs.

    Stay strong Dehnerts!