Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mail Update

As our treatments begin to wind down (only 4 more!!!), I was reminded today to put out a little blog post about incoming mail. After today, I wouldn't trust it to get to us here.  The mail has been very slow!

Once we return back to Memphis to continue treatment, we will again start our journey for the first few days at the Grizzly house where we don't have a mail box. Then, we will get settled into our new room at the Target House which will have a totally new address. Once we have it, I'll post details.

We had a nice day today. We got to hang with our new friends and watch a movie. Unfortunately the wiring is not working anywhere in Target 1 (they are working on it) so we didn't get to watch it in the Amy Grant room on the big TV. We will have to have our do-over once we all get back for our 2nd phase. We headed on over to the Art Room to make some crafts. Kayla made two awesome paintings which will be at the fundraiser. She is very proud of them. So are we :)


  1. I just love love that she is so into Arts and crafts. Annie, sure it touches you in a special way as it does me. It will continue to be such an outlet for her on this journey. Can't wait to see you all soon, it is so much needed!

  2. I love Kayla's Artwork! Can't wait to see it in person. So glad for you that you will be coming home soon for a much needed break. We love you and pray for pounds and more every day!

  3. Kayla: I love you so much and miss you even more! You paintings are incredible! One of these days, we'll have to set up a paint off with you, Geoff, Aj and I !! I cannot wait to see your beautiful smile and your beautiful haircut in person. I think of you so much every single day. I hope you are having fun doing your arts and crafts and spending time with Aj and your family!!

    xoxo and many, many more!!

    Auntie Nikki

  4. I ordered a bunch of your really cool square pins for party favors for my 30th bday party! We will wear them with such pride!!! GOOOOO KAYLA!!!!

  5. Nice work Kayla!!! I can't wait to see those paintings in person at your fundraiser!