Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Fun-Day

Ok, I know I didn't post yesterday.... Sorry! There was no update. You all know that about me by now!
Today, we had some fun around here.  :)

This morning, I had one of those awwwwwwwwww mommy moments watching my kids do what I remember them doing! Kayla teaching Anthony.
Then after we had a nice pancake breakfast (thanks to dad), we hung out more. The kids took turns playing a car's game they got as a gift from Target for Christmas. They are actually taking turns... I can't believe it!
I should have made him wear that helmet! 

Then, in the afternoon, we got ready for the Target House 2 spectacular. A bbq hosted by Central Barbeque (omg YUM) and a PLAY! It was SO cute. Kayla might actually do the next one. I think now she won't feel as intimidated.

 Ok, it's hard to take pics while trying to be "respectful".  It would be one thing if Kayla was front and center. You KNOW I'd be right up there...... these weren't my kids. Adorable though! SO, you get the gist.

After, we headed down to the art room for Kayla:
 This first pic is AJ showing how he REALLY feels about this craft room business...
 This second one proves his love for his sissy. "The King & Queen of the TH2 Craftroom"

We then ventured over to the playroom of TH1 for some quiet time. We had the place to our self. Kayla found a nice quiet booth to read to her brother. :) (YES, I LOVE THIS)

 This really is an AMAZING little nook in this place. We LOVE this room.........

It was time to wind down.  Time to re-arrange furniture and make this apartment more conducive to US. Time to get the kids into one room!  Denny and I dragged beds all over the place. We swapped dressers and YES! Moved the tv to OUR room. Sorry Anthony. I know we disappointed you a lot tonight. It's ours....... sorry! ;)

Anthony is ticked about the TV. Kayla could care less. TYPICAL. I LOVE IT!!!!! Treasure these moments........... 

 Kayla actually drew a portrait of her brother tonight. I love her artwork.  It looks GREAT Kayla!

Tomorrow Kayla will be at SCHOOL at 8:30am. Just like normal..... Riiiiight. She has her 2nd non-sedated (hopefully) radiation apt at 9:45. Fingers crossed for day 2!


(never ever ever give up) 
RIP Jess


  1. So awesome to see everyone adjusting so nicely to the way life is right now; what a team you all make together. Such love, strength and courage as a family. I'm so very proud of all of you and love you all soooooooo very much! The smiles say it ALL!!! Gooooooooo Dehnerts!!!!!

    Mom (Neena)

  2. SO fun to see all the pix of the kids together, and the smiles on everyone! Looks like a perfect weekend! Kayla's strength continues to show as she cruises past the sedation part of radiation and back to breakfast! All the best!
    Leslie, Randy, Keira & Cam

  3. I just L.O.V.E the smiles and normal kid times pic's throughout this post!!! YaY for school times and radiation without sedation!!! Praying for you Kayla and Dehnert family!!!!!

    stacy :)

  4. It is great to see Anthony there with you all and all the smiles he is bringing to Kayla.

  5. NEEGU! That is going to be my new saying! I love it. I love the pictures, I love the crafts and the crowns, I love that she's going to school today and I love that Kayla teaches AJ the way I used to teach Tiffy!!! It is so precious and she will always be my lil' sis. That never goes away, even when we are turning 25 and 30! I love you all. Can't wait to hug you all when you get home! xoxo--Auntie Nicole

  6. NEEGU baby, I'm glad to see you embracing Jessica's spirit as you already have emulated it throughout this journey! I love Anthony's and Kayla's artwork and smiles, so glad you are all together and enjoying the quality time and the amenities. Gosh that place looks like a mini Disney Cruise with the kid specific rooms, I WANT TO COME VISIT! MWAH Jayna!

  7. She is strong kid, she is in my prayers for her speedy recovery

  8. Yay!!! We are with Neena. God bless you and know that so many hearts are beating with yours every second. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg