Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magic peas and smelly milk!

Today Kayla craved peas. She just wanted them. No explanation. You crave and you shall receive little miss. Drenched in butter. :) (notice the milk shake next to her.. aka scandi shake that alone is 600 calories... tee hee)

ok Kayla.... we're cooking them..............!!! Coming right up.........

Yay! I'll just sit here on my cozy heating pad.

Wait...... not sure if I can do this! You cooked them and seasoned them exactly as I directed

Oh gosh. I AM asking a LOT. hahaha

And we do a ridiculous dance for the peas to go down........

Whatever!  It worked!!!! Tonight Kayla got down a whole bowl of peas. Half of a hawaiian roll. One pizza roll. 1/2 of a red apple w/ one scoop of peanut butter. She said that she prayed to God 3 times today over her wanting to gain lbs. God love her!

She did it!!! We all did the happy dance when she finished the last bite! Anthony still doesn't understand why she gets to "pick" her own dinner. Sorry Aj. You won't ever understand that at 4.

It was so funny. Tonight Kayla thought she wanted milk. When she smelled it she thought it smelled like spinach. She gagged. So then of course when Anthony asked for it, he thought it smelled bad and wouldn't drink it.  I explained to Kayla (very seriously and very irritatedly that I am NOT working) Remember?? Ok. So smell again and tell your brother that his milk is FINE. She totally understood. Walked around to his side of the table. She held in her want to grimace and said, "Anthony, your lucky. YOUR milk smells normal". He still put up a fight! But over a few rounds of this I saw his fear diminish and his belief in his sister and her senses return. He really trusts her! I pointed this out to her and now it is HER mission to keep her brother healthy.

It was hard watching Kayla go from sitting, to standing, to sitting on her knees while she ate. Her bones on her bottom are jutting out so much that she doesn't have much cushion. She can't sit on hard surfaces for a long period of time before she is in so much pain and has to switch positions. She hates it. We point it out to her.... why she feels that pain.  Her back hurts after radiation for the same reason. I am convinced it's not the radiation itself but laying on a hard table. Those backbones are BARE. There isn't much cushion there at all to support her weight. All be it tiny.  So, now she is again put into a big sister status. Not a sick person... but BIG SIS. I hope this frame of mind continues. Her being strong affects HIM. And that meant a lot to her tonight. I did a lot of secret whispers in her ear to get her to acknowledge how her presence is affecting him. She gets it. He is aware of her and how she is more sensitive. He will hopefully, in turn, be a bit more gentle. Kayla will hopefully, in turn, be a bit tougher!

Time will tell...........


  1. I am, day by day as I follow these updates, amazed. Dehnert Family, you are navigating this turn beautifully. "She prayed to God three times today to gain pounds." Tears, just streaming right now. Annie and Denny, what a magnificent job you have done ensuring FAITH in that child! It is so apparent that she believes, and she feels secure that between her family and God, she is held tight.

  2. Kayla you look beautiful and happy as your do your little dance to get those peas down! Definitely put a smile on my face. Keep up the good work!

  3. Absolutely love the smiling, laughing, and dancing pictures. Kayla, that is the same dance I do when someone orders one of your shirts. Your dance seems to be a bit cooler than mine. Sending you a ton of positive and hungry thoughts your way. Ann and Den you are doing amazing. I am so proud of all of you, and tougher Kayla, gentler Anthony will happen!

  4. Being the big sis probably helps her feel normal. Sounds like it's good for everyone to have that dynamic! Glad she's eating, but sorry it continues to be an issue, especially one with such strong visual reminders. Hope once she finishes this round of treatment and you go home that her appetite will come back. Hugs to all! xoxo Allie

  5. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you all are. Kayla couldn't ask for better parents, and you inspire me to be more patient, understanding, etc. with my own kids. I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this, and can't wait for the day that it's all finished, you're back home, and Kayla's back in school and Girl Scouts running around with her friends. Stay strong, and thank you for sharing your story and being so wonderful.

    -Susan Wreden