Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Admitted and ready to kick booty- round 1

As the day winded down, we tried so hard to have fun. It was hard knowing that we are facing yet another unknown in this journey/battle. The day started out fun at the hospital. The band was setting up in the lobby as we arrived. What a way to eat lunch! It's not every day you get to listen to a band play live that was just playing at the Grammy's! Only at St. Jude I guess. EVERY sick person should have these moments to cheer them up. It does help the spirit. Maybe someone knew we needed a serious spirit boost for what was to come. The lobby was packed. We were all dancing and clapping.
 During the performance,  the kids had fun making a pizza. 
Half black olive (kayla) & Half Pepperoni (AJ)  

When we got back to the apartment it was time to get Kayla and Denny packed and ready for their first inpatient stay. We got Kayla over her fear of the mask by making her try it on for the first time.
Trying on her mask... getting her used to it.
Not too bad... we just need to trim the top! I told her to smile. I can tell she is!
Anthony and Kayla started serious bonding time when time got closer and closer to admission. They get it now.

I love this pic. Look at those lashes! You see the really long ones? Those are her originals that remained after radiation! The shorter ones are what has grown in since... Such a cool mixture. :)

We spent some fun family time playing games and watching Kayla read to her brother... one of her favorite things!

Anthony will really miss this while Kayla recovers from her first round of Chemo

Kayla's new temporary address... and her new lucky number! 1+7= 8 :)

This will be our savior soon. It will be our only time where Denny and I can actually be in the same room with Kayla until she is able to leave inpatient. (remember, Anthony can not go past the glass wall because he is under 7)
Someone is ODDLY excited for this. I think she wants it over with too. Ya think?!

And I can see... she is still laughing and giggling. Even as they hang her bags full of fluids. Have fun getting up all night while she has to "go". (if I were there, I would put a pic in here of den on the bed making the same face as the picture just before this one!)

Good girl! Time to crash............ WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Tomorrow I will post as I can. Kayla.... you are a warrior. We are so proud of you!


  1. You are ALL so powerful, beautiful and full of wonder. We hold you in our hearts and most sincere prayers. You are surrounded by so much love. (You are such a gifted writer-revealer.) Love, Mary & Frank Hoburg

  2. Good luck with this next round Kayla! I'll be praying for you!

  3. I LOVE to see the happy pictures of her smiling, playing and laughing. Kayla is such an angel with such abominable strength. So are you two with being her parents and doing the enormous checklist every single day!! I love that she has a lucky number too and was serenaded by a band for takeoff. All my goodness in every single thought goes out to you guys---I LOVE YOU ALL! Nicole

  4. You both have done such a wonderful job preparing her, she looks ready, relaxed and lacking fear, ready to embrace what this journey wholeheartedly mind, body and spirit. You go sweet Kayla and family and kick some big C butt! I will be keeping her and you all in my thoughts and prayers. Zan I hope you try and get some sleep albeit I know your watchful HAWK eyes will be on her the first couple of days, but if anyone has the strength to do this without a hitch, you do my wondertwin ACTIVATE! All my love and prayers, Jayna.