Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day + 9

Still no change! Ugh. Kayla and Denny will stay inpatient yet another night.  Every morning at either 4:00 or 5:00am, a sample of Kayla's blood is drawn and they look to see if either her ANC or her White Blood Cells go up. Her WBC's were up .1 and her ANC is still at 100.

Let me clarify. Kayla has not had a fever since they were admitted. Her cultures are showing no growth (and by now they would see something). Literally, they just need her ANC or WBC to go up... even a little and then they can go. Unfortunately this is not something you can check like a temperature check. It requires collecting blood, so obviously, they can't do it too often.

Denny and Kayla are going a bit stir crazy in there now. The odd thing is that while they are inpatient (even though she is "fine") they still require regular stool checks and urine cultures to be done. I guess they figure, while you are here, let's just keep checking her. Her urine still has to be charted (time and amount) every single time she goes. We don't do that at the apartment, but it's a regular requirement at all times while inpatient.  So, basically, it's a PAIN in the rear!!!
 Fishing with P/T

Kayla finally made Anthony's necklace. He has been begging her...

Today, Anthony and I are going to use this time wisely and get out and explore some areas near by. I hear from some of the other families here that the Botanical gardens are a fun place to visit. Just outside of Memphis is a town called Germantown. Apparently that is the nice area and where all the good stuff is to do! So, off to explore we will go. I am hoping to find a nice water park for this summer. Even though Kayla won't be able to enjoy it because of her Double Hickmann lines, aka her buddies, Anthony will need something to do when it gets hot out and she is inpatient or not wanting to leave the apartment. In California, we have water parks all over! It was 90 degrees out yesterday. So if it's this hot in March, I can anticipate a HOT summer here. I just can't wait to see those fireflies! That will be fun!

Speaking of bugs... a HUGE odd flying bug flew up and landed on our window last night. Anthony and I had fun looking at him up close. There are a lot of new bugs out here that we have never seen before.

Anthony is doing great! He is trying to read and tell time. Such a smart kid! We have been enjoying our time together. Lots of laughter and silliness. Lots of time just playing. Not too many people get this time with their children. I am looking at that as such a gift. The gift of time to spend one on one. You have to find the positives..... always! :)


  1. The necklace brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful. Kayla, your strength is such an inspiration. Stay strong little one.

  2. Awwe. That necklace is too adorable. What a great big sister she is. I am really happy you all can be together right now. That is such a gift. Most families don't, you are so right. You are so great at seeing the positives. Even though Kayla is going through so much =( and its not fair. You all are going to be so much closer from all of this. Tell Kayla to keep being strong, and she will get through this to bigger and better things. Hang in there.. Love you guys! - Krysta

  3. tell anthony the bug on the window is a stink bug really no kidding lol love susan

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  5. Sweet necklace! Sweet "babies" / kids! (Didn't write kids the first time and wanted to clarify!) But an ugly bug! I'm terrified of bugs so I skip past that photo quickly.... :) Love to you all! xoxoxo

  6. Germantown! Too funny :) Is there bratwurst and smelly people living there? Hehe. Love that you still continue to find the silver lining in every day. I know it gets hard. You continue to be such an inspiration to everyone and everybody. We're all rooting for you Annie, near and far, all over the world. Love you guys xoxoxo. -Tiff

  7. That is a "stink bug" and they are new bugs on the east coast from when you lived here. I think someone from Japan brought it over. They are a real problem in PA. If you squash them, they really, really smell! Here's more info on them

  8. Praying for counts to rise and negative cultures!!!