Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready for take off

Anthony and I are all packed and ready to go. I set my alarm for 3:15 am... ouch!  I am sitting on the couch doing some deep breathing while I watch the last sunset from my couch for what will seem like an eternity.  The only thing that makes tonight ok, is knowing we will see Kayla and Denny again. Our flight should arrive at 2:15pm and we will just hang and wait for Kayla's appointments to finish up so they can come and get us.

Tuesday is a pretty light day as far as St. Jude scheduling is concerned. It's a good thing because it's our last day of Kayla's life before those nasty drugs have entered her tiny body. I want to spend them with her doing what ever she wants!  How can you help but not think that way? I can't. I think it must be normal as a parent to feel that way and wonder if and how this will change her. We can only hope that God will wrap his loving arms around Kayla and protect her from harms way. I pray every day that the only thing that comes from this treatment is that she remain cancer free forever.

Yesterday, Kayla and Denny got to get out and enjoy the Memphis Zoo. The sun was shining and they had a wonderful time. Kayla's friend Angel and her mom Damaris were able to join them too which made it even better!  Angel is such a sweet girl!  Here are a few pictures that Denny sent me. I am SO glad they got out and had some fun. :)

 Someone sure is comfortable!

The dinosaur exhibit. Anthony will LOVE this!
Ok, well, it's almost my bedtime. I am going to hit the sheets early tonight so I can get up at the ungodly hour of 3:15am! Yuck!!!  It's ok. Arriving at 2:15 is wonderful. I will enjoy the last night in my own bed tonight... Tomorrow I get to hug my husband and daughter. I have missed them so much!

Tomorrow we fly. Tomorrow I will be writing this from a different couch. Tomorrow, I will be missing this.

Good night my sweet friends!


  1. Safe travels--I'm so glad you'll be together again so soon. To healing and health! XOXOX

  2. Flying along with you in spirit, dear Annie, with love and hugs wrapped around you and yours.
    Auntie Ann and all in PA

  3. Sending you amazing thoughts, smooth travels and lots of love!--Nicole

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kayla, you, Denny and Anthony. You don't know us, but we have been following your blog and have no words to describe how we feel. But our hearts are with your beautiful Kayla. Cancer has been very dominant in my family and miracles do happen - I have seem them first hand. This upcoming treatment is miraculous and Kayla will be home, running jumping, playing, laughing and singing when this is all over. Our love and positive thoughts go out to all of you.

    Lynn and Larry McCloskey

  5. Hope you had an easy flight. Sending hugs, strength and positive thoughts your way for this next phase. xoxo Allie