Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day +1

I have all good news to report! Kayla's Creatinine levels have dropped which is fantastic news. This means that she won't need fluids in addition to TPN to be sent home with her. Her kidneys are at a "normal" level. 

We have already noticed that Kayla is feeling stronger. The TPN is working its magic. Even though it will be something that will be attached to her the entire rest of the time here, it's also going to be a constant reassurance to us that at a minimum, she is getting the nutrients she needs to keep fighting this with all the strength she will need!

Kayla had her first G-CSF shot today. It went great. She will continue to get these until her counts return to normal.

What is a G-CSF shot?
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor, also called G-CSF or Neupogen®, is a man-made form of a natural human hormone. It is a colorless liquid that is either injected under the skin or given into a vein. (Kayla's is given into her line) G-CSF helps the body make infection-fighting white blood cells, called neutrophils. Some St. Jude patients need this medicine to help build up neutrophils that have been destroyed by chemotherapy.

Our doctor, Kim, has said that she is totally fine with having Kayla released to go home later tonight as long as Pharmacy agrees that it is ok. We are waiting on rounds to get that answer... 

Kayla's stomach seems to be tolerating the P.O. (oral) pain meds which is another big plus! We really like Kim. She is a fantastic doctor who knows her stuff and is totally on board with us. I love that she trusts our intuition with Kayla and is flexible and willing to work with us on what we think is right for her. Not all doctors are like that, but we got a good one! Thank goodness! :)

So, we can expect that our discharge list will be long. It's ok. With 4 helpful hands, we have got this!!!


Denny just got word that they are going to discharge them after she has her TPN at 8:00pm.  Hooray! Fantastic news. I know they are both SO ready to get out of there! We are SO ready for them to be back!  


  1. SOOOOO HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! I'm jumping up and down here!!!
    This is great news that I'll share with everyone I see!!!


  2. Happy day +1!!! How did the transplant go?? It is so great they will let Kayla go home tonight! Yeahhhhhh!!!!

  3. Emily (Hoburg) RaakaMarch 20, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    What great news! Go Kayla! We keep cheering for you!

  4. Checking in, as always, morning and night....what a difference a day makes! So happy for you and this happy news! It goes along with the very sunny weather we are having here in PA - 70 degrees, daffodils, magnolias, cherry blossoms blooming...all quite early, cheering Kayla on! Love and hugs, Auntie Ann

  5. That is great news that she is starting to feel better and can leave the hospital!! Betty Criesco

  6. WOnderful news!!! Now the family is back under the same roof and the kids can be together and keep each other company. The best news of the day!!! Oh, and there were lots of familar faces at Mary's Pizza Shack last night reflecting all the love and support for all of you. Amazing all the different connections to you from friends who don't even live in Novato. Much love from all of us at home! Stay Strong!! Leslie

  7. Yay!!! Fantastic news and progress! I'm sure yesterday was so very stressful but it definitely sounds like trusting your gut is serving you well with this journey! Stay strong! Sending you hugs! Erin S.

  8. Such great news to read after the last post. I know getting out of the bubble back with her family is the best medicine, for all of you! Hugs, Allie

  9. That is awesome news, big smiles. We are all thinking of you tons and sending you a ton of hugs. Kayla, the strong warrior is kicking butt!