Friday, March 9, 2012

It's FRIDAY!!!

TGIF! I know Denny and Kayla are SO happy to have this week over with. The weather lightened up on them and they will be able to have a nice and relaxing weekend. Tomorrow, weather permitting, they will enjoy a day at the Zoo! I am so glad that Denny is going to take advantage of this last weekend before starting Chemo. I know they will have a blast.

Earlier today, the doctor decided that we needed to try and increase Kayla's appetite stimulant to see if we can use these last few days to get her to pack on a few more ounces. We will try anything to avoid TPN.  Let's just say she was "happy and hungry".
She found ways to amuse herself... and her dad!

Back at home, Anthony enjoyed climbing our lemon tree and swinging on his swing. For those of you here in Novato, WOW have we been blessed by some great weather! All our windows were open. The sky was a deep blue. The sun was hot. It was just so fantastic. Such a great reminder that there is no place like home!!!
We will be busy here the next few days packing up and getting ready. I hope you all enjoy this weekend. I know we will!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful posts! We read them every single night. We are thinking of you all daily.