Friday, March 30, 2012

Day + 11

Happy Friday Everyone! So, today Kayla had another platelet transfusion. Her hemoglobin is holding steady but if it goes down more, she will get another blood transfusion as well. She's doing great though! Her energy is good. I think it's dipping a little, but all in all, it's great considering! Her ANC is now up to 700 so it's on its way!  It was a LONG day at the hospital. We started at 7am and finished at around 4:30pm. Kayla had her hearing tested. All is good so far! So far the Cisplatin has not done any damage. Thank you God!!!  Kayla had her lungs tested. All A.O.K. She had a visit in OT so we could hang with our friend Ashley. I showed her the video I started and we laughed and laughed. I can't wait to share it with you all! We had school! Kayla always enjoys her time there... no surprise. I forgot to mention, they gave her a shirt when she started Chemo that says on it, "The Chemo ate my homework". SO clever... and we have used that excuse now a few times!

All in all, it was a good day. Long, but good. It's amazing how you can have a day this long at work and it never seems quite as draining as what it's like being at the hospital all day long with two little ones. Still, it was a day we got to spend together and for that I am very thankful.

We had a nurse come here a few minutes ago (again clearly noted that it was formality and that they LOVE Denny and want to steal him). She came so that we could be cleared to do lipids here. Of course we got a huge "check" and all is good! The kids were hysterical. When they heard that everyone wants to steal their dad you should have heard their screams of protest! It was so funny! We all laughed and laughed. Kayla knew it was not really going to happen, but Anthony wasn't so sure. I think he really thought he was going to lose his dad to a bunch of nurses. HAHA. 

It's 8:30. I feel like it's midnight. Good night all! 


  1. You are all so beautiful. You have stolen our hearts and made us better and stronger beings. Have a restful and fun weekend. We bask in and appreciate your blessed light. Thank you! Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. YAY for ANC's of 700!!! Kayla, you SURE are a fighter! I am so grateful and glad for the good of visits at the hospital, AND for school and OT time too! Thanks Annie for your updates and beautiful gift of conveying life lived in your midst! :)

    a praying follower :).

  3. Annie, it's truly amazing and inspiring that your spirits aren't getting dampened by this. Or at least you're not letting us know ;) You and Denny are quite the team. Keep on keepin' on! xoxo Allie