Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Up too early

It was 4am and I couldn't sleep. My head was spinning with all of the things going on. There is nothing worse then not being able to sleep when you know you need it and have the time. I kept thinking about how soon I won't have the luxury of a quiet room and a comfortable bed to sleep in. The sound of that hepa-filter just buzzing away constantly. I kept trying to get myself to relax and sleep a little longer. It didn't work. So, I woke up. I texted Denny to see how things were going.

I was so happy to wake up to a picture of our car!!!

It made it!!! Aside from a LOT of dirt, Denny claims it doesn't have many bruises from the trip. Probably hard to tell if it's that dirty, but who cares right? It's supposed to rain a lot the next few days in Memphis, so it will have a rain bath :)

 The happiest news is that all of the belongings inside are still there. Hooray!!! Of course nothing goes without extra work for Denny. Apparently, the driver called him at 11:00pm last night to ask for the address again because he accidentally erased the text. Nice. Then he texted at 12:00am asking for the address on N. Mclean (where they were meeting.. around the corner) for his GPS. At 6am Denny watched as he drove past the directions he clearly gave him. He called the driver and told him to make a loop and come back so the 18-wheeler could be guided  where it needed to go. But, it's there. Happily parked and ready to tote around it's family.

Kayla has had her pulmonary test already this morning. She cried a lot I was told b/c she didn't understand what it was for. It wasn't painful, just hard to explain to her what and why.
Looking at this picture makes ME want to cry too. Great job Kayla! Stay strong...

Right now, Denny and Kayla are in E clinic awaiting the results of the MRI's and their clearance.
All seems ok w/ MRI. Dori can't read them but assured Denny that if there was something to worry about, we would already know

That was one of the most stressful moments I have had in a long time. That waiting was AGONY. How am I going to handle check ups every 3 months??? 

While I was sitting here waiting in pure agony, it is good to know that Denny and Kayla were having fun.... I am NOT as strong without Denny and Kayla by my side. I am really really trying. This is beyond painful. I know I'll be better when I'm there.
Having fun playing w/ tegaderm strips

Please pray for strength and another NED (no evidence of disease) as Kayla is about to go in for her lumbar puncture soon...


  1. Praying for strength, endurance and a peace that passes all understanding!!

  2. Thoughts and prayers for continued strength and hopes for Mommy that she gets her much needed rest tonight!
    The Gouldy's

  3. We were saying a prayer at dinner and Maya says "and I pray that Kayla gets better". You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Kayla Rose, You are the light of the way, The strength of another day, The Glory of God, The smile upon us all, The voice of an angel and the hope in our hearts. We love you!
    Helen and Maya