Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day + 10 - They are back!

Finally! That felt like forever!!! It's amazing what having a tiny little fever can do to a cancer patient (and family). Kayla was finally cleared this morning to be able to come "home". Her ANC was 400 and that was enough of an improvement that things were heading in the right direction. Kayla's platelets are still on the low side so she might require another platelet transfusion, but nothing needed right now. Nothing ever grew on the cultures. We can only guess that her body doesn't like being at ZERO. Who's would??? For the next 24 hours we will do urine cultures. She will "go" in where it is transferred to a sterile container and refrigerated. So, tomorrow, every time she has to "go" we will head over to A/T where they will have her huge container on ice. For now, it resides in our tiny fridge. Can you imagine how appetizing that is to look at every time you open the door??? Count your lucky stars. What I wouldn't give up right now to have a healthy child and not be going through this. I'd give ANYTHING. Thank you so much again to all of you for the kindness you have shown our family during all of this. We are forever grateful............

The sun was shining and the weather still hot! Time to get outside and play for a bit. We brought the soccer ball and our baseball gear out so we could have some fun.
Not the most ideal way to try and hit a ball... but you have to give it to her for trying!!! She had fun and that was worth it all.
Anthony had a blast playing frisbee with his friends Mae & Keegan

Tonight, Tri-Delta visited (a HUGE supporter of St. Jude) to do tie-die projects with the kids. It was a gorgeous night out and the kids had a blast! I only saw the crowd through the window b/c I was in making dinner as requested by Kayla. Salmon, Salad & Carrots.  My pleasure!!! SO happy to have her home & eating! 
Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. We start at 7am and go until........... Who knows, right?   ALSAC called and we have a few more fun events coming up to help out with. The first starts for Denny tomorrow at 11:00 with another voice over.  I can't tell you how happy and relieved we are to all be together again. Kayla's spirits are GREAT. She is laughing and joking and right back to her "normal". I took some really funny video clips of her dancing that I am putting to music. It will take me some time to edit it, but once I'm finished, I'll share it. It's SO hysterical!

Ok, off to the blue couch w/ my hubby now that the lil ones are IN BED! YAY. Under one roof!!!!!! 


  1. I am a resident of San Rafael and have been following your journey with your beautiful daughter and family. I decided I would write and tell you that I am praying daily for all 4 of you and what I know is that prayer and family are EVERYTHING at a time like this ( and of course the wonderful Doctors and St Judes too). What is your address - I think you posted it at some point but I do not see it any longer. WIth love and prayers from Jan in San Rafael

  2. I found the address.......just did not look quite enough.

  3. Glad to hear you are all under one roof again! We love seeing the pictures of Kayla and Anthony playing outside.
    We think of you everyday.
    Love and Big hugs,
    Lisa, Dan, Brittani and Sophie

  4. FAR OUT!!!

    Good job getting those counts back up there Girl!! So glad to hear you are all under one roof again. Hang tough Kayla! (You too Mommy!)

    Much love,
    Kelly Bortel

  5. Fantastic news!!! :) Much love, Nicole

  6. Where there's a will, there's definitely a way with the Dehnerts! So happy for all of you......miss you and love you mucho!


  7. Sounds great for you all! Keep being strong. I hope Kayla and you all have a good weekend, free from fevers. Love, Krysta