Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And we have an address!

I know... faster then I could have even imagined! Only 2 days? HOW did we luck out like this? Just good timing I guess. Let's hope that we have lots of lucky strokes like this.

Today Denny got a call that there was a room available at Target House 1 and to be there at 3:00 to check in.  Kayla and Denny got to settle into their new digs today!!! I am SO happy for them. What a huge relief. Our new address is:

 Denny, Annie, Kayla & Anthony Dehnert
Target House 1
1811 Poplar Ave. #505
Memphis, TN 38104

Oddly enough, we are back on the 5th floor, just across the hall. Well, we are a little closer to the laundry room which will be a bonus. It is right next to the elevator though so we are hoping it isn't too noisy. We heard stories from friends we met who were on the 4th floor next to it. Once you are checked in, there is no switching. So we are where we are. Den said so far he hasn't noticed any noises. Most of everything is unpacked.

Our second bit of good news is that our car will arrive tomorrow morning. Not so good news, Den is expecting to hear from the driver at 5:45am. Poor guy can't catch a break! They aren't supposed to head into the hospital until 8:00... so much for having a relaxing-ish morning. I got the call tonight from St. Jude that Thursday they are to arrive at 6am at rehab services. What fun! NOT.  Let me backtrack... our car will be there tomorrow!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! This is fantastic. Denny is going to go to Kroger tomorrow to stock up on food after they finish their day. For now, they will eat in the cafeteria. This brings me to my next not as exciting update. 

Kayla will be NPO for tomorrow. (that means no food after midnight for our new blog readers) It's protocol if you are to be sedated. She has a lumbar puncture at 10:15. And for that, you happily to go to sleep. :(   So, besides the lumbar puncture, Kayla has Psychiatric testing (which takes hours) and lung testing.  Denny is hoping Kayla will get to make up for the missed meal when she wakes up.

Today was busy! There were more early tests, Kayla's Brain MRI, lots more food, running back and forth for that dreadful urine test, and also for blood tests. Denny was probably wishing they had roller skates today.  When they finally finished, they happily got to check out of the Grizzly House and head over to the apartment to start unpacking and settling in. Kayla was exhausted and took a nap. Here are some pictures that Den sent to me. It's basically the same apartment, but flipped. 
Night Night sweetie!

Living Room. Oh... I don't miss that horrid couch. :(
Our new view from the living room window.
Our "Master" isn't really much of a master is it?

After Kayla's cat nap minus the cat, they headed over to Target House II for Dinner! Great timing. Den happily reported that kayla had a generous helping of Mac n Cheese and two helpings of Green Beans. (I hope they were drenched in butter...) They got to get caught up with Laurie, Mike and Connor tonight too! Also, they saw Damaris and Angel. (the friends we made right before we had the break in between treatments)
I see daddy is having his sweet tea fix. Ahhhhhh! :)

We hope to get the MRI results back tomorrow during the 9am clearance visit. If we get those, I will at least post those asap. I know it's another long and horrendous day that is set to end at 4:30 for Den and Kayla. Once they finish up, it's off to the grocery store to buy everything all over again. Ugh. This is where I wish I was there to help! I know he's got it covered, but still. We work so well together. It's strange. We have realized now how much better this family does when all the forces are together. We do make a great team. 

It was a hard and emotional day for me. I didn't think it would so hard for me to be out of the loop and feeling so helpless. Plus, it makes updating this blog a LOT harder. I just wish I was there to be a second set of eyes, ears, and hands right now. Soon enough........ Anthony is bored. He misses Kayla like crazy. So do I. 

 Good night everyone! Thank you again for all the support!!! Keep those prayers and well wishes coming! So far, they are working!!!!!!!  

Watching Kung Fu Panda 2 and EATING! (good girl!!)

 Mommy loves you sweet angel. Kisses..............


  1. Continuing to think of and pray for you all as you are separated for this time. Thank you, both, so much for the update in the midst of busy life. It directs our prayers even more!!!

    stacy (michelle, from chico, friend)

  2. Wow! I get tired just reading the last two posts! I will keep you guys in our prayers (as you have been since this all started) I'm glad Kayla's appetite is back for now and that you all get to be together soon. Betty Criesco

  3. Way to STAY STRONG Denny & Kayla! I love you!!!!!

    Love, Neena

  4. Like everyone who has read your most recent posts, Annie, we can only imagine how exhausting this has all been for each of you...physically and emotionally! I am hoping that the medical demands will be less frantic now that the settling in part is almost over and you'll soon be together. So much to do! As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers, sending love to all. Anything you might like from PA? Love, hugs, Auntie Ann