Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day + 5

Today ended up just about as we expected it to. Kayla's counts dropped to Zero. The morning started with a lot of throw up triggered by the smell of coffee. She had Zofran, but still, it didn't really help much. Her hemoglobin and platelets both dropped, but not quite enough for a transfusion. Her weight dropped too. She is now 16.2 kg.  After the hospital appointments were over, we retired to our apartment to watch a few movies and just relax.

I offered Kayla some soup because she hadn't eaten one bite of anything all day and it was 4pm. She said she would eat some tomato soup. Hooray! Coming right up! She sipped it slowly but got about a half of a bowl down! Denny & I were so happy! We had a surprise quick visit with Angel because her mom was going to work and the babysitter was going to be a bit late. Kayla's spirits perked up a lot! It was so funny because Kayla asked Angel if she had eaten dinner yet. Angel said, "no". Kayla said, "WHAT??? Your mom dropped you off and you haven't eaten. You need to EAT Angel!" It was hysterical. It's the pot calling the kettle black! I quietly laughed and laughed...

The rash/hives on Kayla's stomach are still there but not bothering her quite as much anymore. The hospital gave us Eucerine cream to put on it and we have been giving her benadryl.

Tomorrow is a new day!

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