Friday, March 16, 2012

Day -3

Today was a MUCH better day! Kayla finished her second day of Chemo AKA Day -3. She was given Cyclophosphamide, and mesna. The Cyclophosphamide only took an hour whereas yesterday the chemo was given over a 6 hour period of time.

Before heading into the hospital, there was a big storm we had to wait out. It was POURING buckets. There was lots of thunder and lightening. We loved it! It did flood the grassy area outside though.

It's ok, Kayla found something fun and familiar to help pass the time!
Mario Cart on theWii

Kayla was pretty loopy again today, but not nearly as much. She just slurs her words, but has a great sense of humor still. We had so much fun telling her all of the funny things she was saying yesterday. She was cracking up at herself! Later, out of nowhere, she says to me, " Wait! This isn't our room! " As soon as I explained that it is her room and what is going on, she was fine. Overall, it was a much better day. Kayla didn't vomit once! She had a little diarrhea (which is a common side effect of cyclophosphamide). That was it. Tonight, when we were skyping before she went to sleep, she thought she was getting mouth sores. (She has been diligent w/ the mouth rinses they have her doing). The nurses came in and checked with the flashlight. They didn't see any. So our guess is that maybe she is feeling them before they come through. Poor baby!  Kayla was able to eat a little today though finally. Tonight, when they weighed her, she weighed in at her highest weight yet since returning! She weighed in at 17 kilos even (that's 37.4 lbs!!!!) WHOO HOO!!! Kayla was SO happy and SO proud of herself! She did the victory arm raise. Denny and I couldn't be more thrilled about that news. Basically, her body is doing what it is expected to do. Some of her counts were higher today because her body is in fight mode. They typically go up and then drop.  All to be expected.

Watching a movie... happy camper

While I was there today, I took this video to share. At first I wanted to take it because I know she will laugh her pants off at herself when she is not on anything anymore and sees how she sounded! Then it dawned on me that there are other people who will LOVE to see her and hear in her own words how she is doing. Kayla was talking a little quietly so I tried repeating her so it would be easier for you all to hear.

Click here to play Kayla's message :)

Anthony is doing GREAT. We had fun going to Target together today for some summer pj's (since it's been in the 80's here) and for something green for Kayla. She insisted on an all green outfit for tomorrow. I did find a cute green night gown w/ stars on it. Perfect since she will be in bed again all day tomorrow.

Anthony is also proving to have some wonderful art skills! It seems to run in the family. I love it! He just picks stuff up on his own. He is adding, subtracting, and really trying to sound out letters to form words. I couldn't be more proud of him! 

I thought he was very creative with the erupting volcanoes! Those he thought of and drew himself!
I actually like the pictures he draws from scratch himself the best :)

Tomorrow will be like today. It's the same chemo schedule. Then we can call round one ALMOST over as we wait for those counts to rise, rise, RISE! We will be able to utilize helpful hands tomorrow as well so Denny and I can both hang with Kayla at the same time. Anthony will be busy doing more art and playing with the amazing and attentive volunteers. He loves the attention. People who play anything he wants all of the time. haha. I am counting down the seconds until we are all here back at the Target house resting together and finding fun things to do to pass the time.

Thank you for all of the prayers & love.... we love you all right back!!!!


  1. Praying for you Kayla! XOXOXO

  2. Emily, Denny sure misses YOU in that setting.... you know he's "on it" and talking the ear off of any nurse on duty! ;) Thank you so so much for following Kayla's story! We love you!!!! K <3

  3. Praying for the chemo to kick the cancer's butt and for her side effects to be minimal!! Thanks for posting to video, it was great to 'hear' her. I did laugh a bit, she's so cute :)!! One day closer to transplant day!!!! Yay!!!

  4. Thanks for the updates - we are thinking of you all every day! You have the best care, so we know Kayla will fly through this! xoxo Allie