Monday, March 12, 2012

Here we are, in Memphis!

3:00 am and my alarm went off. It was dark outside as we walked to the car with such mixed emotions. Thank you to my sweet friend Thalia who drove us to SFO this morning. Hours later,  here we are all together again in Memphis. Our flights went well. Anthony is a wonderful traveler. He loves being up in the air. It was so great being picked up at the airport in our own car. That little touch from home served as such a comfort as the reality of what we are about to endure came closer and closer. 

We drove the familiar streets back to the Target House. When we pulled up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the beautiful cherry trees were all in blossom surrounding the grounds! Gorgeous pink blossoms which seemed to make the moment much cheerier! We walked in and the familiar faces we just said good bye to only weeks ago happily greeted us.  Memories held true as Anthony ran straight for the movie section in the front lobby. We took the elevator back up to the 5th floor up to our new room! Everything is flipped, but I like this room SO much better! I love being able to watch the action out in the courtyard! We can see  people coming and going to Target House II. I can't wait until a few months from now as this grassy area will be covered in Firefly lights (or as I called them as a kid, lightening bugs). I fondly remember how we used to run around on the grass catching them. It was the highlight of the humidity. That and the amazing thunder and lightening storms to come! I love them!

Just after this was taken, there were a few kids outside kicking a soccer ball around. It's going to be SO much more entertaining on this side of the building!
Our view looking left
Denny had a vegetarian chili cooking in the crock pot. It smelled so good!
The kids happily watched Cars 2 while I unpacked
 Now here is a sight I CAN live without.
I started a load. Baby puppy was FILTHY after flying all day. I sadly stuck "05" on the front of my machine. This is what we do when we have a load of laundry in so neighbors can find us if we forget to move our stuff and they need to use it. (that sign above "reminding" people to use magnets was put up by me during our last stay when we had a few neighbors who notoriously would leave loads in all day and wouldn't put magnets on their units.
I love that it's still up! hahahaha.

Denny and I are going over the list of rules for when Kayla will be admitted inpatient. I have to admit some of it had me in tears. Just some things I didn't expect to hear. But when I see these kids walking around (or running!), it assures me again that Kayla will be one of those lucky ones. This is temporary. It isn't forever. Hopefully, it's just this one time in her life.

I am going to read over this important stack of papers filled with way too much info so that I can fill you all in better on my next blog. Denny just finished going over it all and read a bunch of it to me. I want to get my facts straight and only give you the important info. At least I'll make sure it's only the info that will pertain to Kayla's treatment. Some of the info is for high risk patients (Kayla is Average risk). Hearing Denny read me some of that info had me in tears. I am grateful again for the small blessings... or huge. Like the words "average risk". 

We got all unpacked and I made a list for Costco tomorrow. Kayla has school at 11:00. It's a very light day. Denny is hoping to get to the hospital early enough to grab us some tickets to go and see the Grizzly's/ Lakers game tomorrow night at 8pm. That would be a fun thing to go and do before Thursday. Ok. Scratch that. Just got a text that the tix were handed out today. They are gone. Such a bummer!! Well, it wasn't meant to be I guess.  :(

Anthony and Kayla just took luke-warm (at best) showers. Denny thinks it's because it's peak hours. I don't know. We never had this issue over in the other room. He swears it got hot this morning. One more thing to miss about home I guess.  I'm calling maintenance in the morning if it's not hot for me. I mean, come on! We need hot showers...

With love from Memphis,

ps. I forgot to include Target House 1 to our address under the blog title, "We have an address". I amended it.


  1. I'm so glad that you are all together again and that you have a better view this time. I hope you guys find something else fun to do before Thursday. It was nice running into you the other day! Betty Criesco

  2. The view is looking good! How fun to have a bird's eye view to spy on all the happenings. Wouldn't it be funny if you made up a number that wasn't in the house so that they could never find you if you felt like leaving your laundry? LOL Love you ALL SO MUCH!--Nicole

  3. Happy to hear you arrived safely! I know you will find something to do today, CARPE DIEM, maybe the children's museum they had such a great time there last time and Matt wants to see more of that maze! So glad you get to enjoy some of the comfort of home, mostly eachother, but Denny's crock pot chili, your car and a vacuum are going to make this stay a little more comfortable for you all. I LOVE that you get the birds eye view of the "happenings" of the campus, shoot if AJ were older you could let him play on that play-structure and watch from the window. Ya not! Enjoy your day my dears, Jayna

  4. Stay strong friend! This is only a blip in Kayla's (and yours) entire lifetime! I am confident she WILL recover and that she has a LONG and happy and HEALTHY life ahead of her! She is getting the VERY BEST care and treatment for her and it will pay off! I know it!! Sorry I didn't get to see you while you were home. I thought of you (and think of you) often. Glad to hear you are back with your family, your heart.
    - Erin S.