Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day -1 (a much needed day of REST)

Today Kayla's body got to rest... a little. She is still experiencing some side effects from the chemo. Her jaw pain and nausea are still there. We are working hard with the staff to try and find the best cocktail of medicines to try and combat her nausea and her pain. We hope to have a very good plan in effect before she is discharged tomorrow evening.

Thanks to our friends here, I was able to go and spend some much needed quality time with Denny and Kayla today at the hospital. Laurie (Conner's momma) so graciously offered to play with Anthony for me! SO sweet of her! Anthony had a blast! When I got to the Hospital, Kayla was sipping slowly on some soup and crying because her jaw aches so badly. She had tomato soup and apple sauce in front of her. Both hurt her to eat. Everything hurts to eat and drink right now. Poor baby! It was so nice to finally be able to be in the room with Kayla at the same time as Denny so he could explain things in much more detail. Where Skype is great, it's still not the same as being there in person.

Despite Kayla's issues, we got a lot done in the time I was there. Kayla took her first walks around the BMT floor... TWO laps! It was hard for her to do the second one, but she did it! We were proud of her for really trying. Kayla also got a sitz bath which is why she had that small amount of energy to do the laps.
She also did her mouth care and her breathing exercises

By the time I left, she was playing Mario Kart again and trying to take her mind off of the pain. Always a good plan!

I met a few other really nice families here and got reunited with a returning family, Carter & mommy. Carter truly is one of the miracle kids you hear about! A week ago, the family was told it was time to start treatment and the chaplain never left their side. Today, he is running and laughing and playing! Everyone is thrilled and once again it is a reminder that miracles DO happen. Lately things around here have been good. At least as far as the people we have been lucky to encounter. Most of the kids are doing excellent and people's spirits seem high and hopeful! The weather has been really warm and everyone has been out playing a lot.
Kayla can't wait to get all of these bracelets off of her! It will be so nice having everyone back at the apartment together tomorrow night. She probably won't be discharged until around 7pm or so... hopefully not too much later then that. I am going to make her favorite, Tortilla Soup, in the crockpot. Even if she can only sip the broth, I'm hoping the flavors will keep her sipping.


  1. Praying for you Miss Kayla!! You are one strong, brave and beautiful little girl!!!!

  2. I love you Kayla for hanging in there and being so SO strong! I love you Denny for taking such great care of her and setting such a great example to follow! I love you Annie for being such a kind, understanding Mommy to both Kayla and AJ; you all are showing such great STRENGTH in these hardest of times. Each of you is working so hard at kicking cancer booty!!
    So happy to hear you all got the rest you deserved today and some quality family time too! :) Your love for each other will heal each other at the same time. Each obstacle you're encountering is first a challenge, then the challenge is met, and then you're all triumphant together by conquering each one. I see a definite pattern here, and you still just keep keeping ON!
    I'm so proud to call you my family, each and every passing day. Stay Strong and I'm here if you need me.


  3. keep being strong kayla!!!! people you haven't even met are praying for you, like me!! i love your smile, even when your jaw hurts. i'm praying that your jaw feels better soon!!

    lots of prayers, stacy

  4. Love the picture of Kayla in the Hello Kitty hoody, she looks like a prize fighter! Go Kayla Rose!

    Kuts for Kayla was awesome yesterday, lots of kids came in to support Kayla and locks for love. You are missed and loved!

    Ann Haupert

  5. Sounds like you guys are really helping Kayla remain strong and hopeful. What an awesome family she has. Very lucky! I hope that all gets better soon for Kayla. The pain, and nausea. She is a very smart girl for distracting herself by having fun. Kids are so smart. They really do set an example for us adults. You guys keeping Kayla motivated and hopeful is a great thing for her right now. Hope you enjoy the weekend!! <3