Monday, April 2, 2012

Day + 14

It was another full day at the hospital. Kayla's ANC is now at 2,800. We had a nice lunch outside which was a nice change from the busy cafeteria. I think it even helped Kayla's appetite a little.  Her weight went up one ounce (even after throwing up this morning).
Even though her skin color is temporarily changed and she may have dark circles, this is the face of a warrior who is for sure Kicking Cancer in the booty!!!

Towards the end of our day at St. Jude, Denny went in for his first appointment there. He had signed up to give blood and platelets. It wasn't any surprise that even his platelets were rock stars of their own. The were so thick that they stalled the machine.
I gave platelets & Blood. Look at how easy it is to help save a life :)
While Dad was here, we were in the med room waiting for Kayla to have her GCSF shot. We are hoping tomorrow will be her last until after the next round of Chemo. As long as her counts are above 2,000 two days in a row, she won't need to get the GCSF. It's not hard... just boring really. It always takes about an hour longer then it should. After a long day there, you are just ready to leave. 

I love these moments together. We had a nice private room in the med room today. We were able to close the door so Kayla could take the mask off. It's the little things! :)

After we left the hospital, Dad continued giving in the donor room. We decided to go and check out Mud Island which we had heard so many great things about. I found my way there and we were SO glad we went. It's soooo cute there! It was beautiful. I  think the kids especially loved it because anywhere there is water reminds them of home. It was so warm out, and we had fun exploring all of the cute streets. What an adorable place! I wish now I had taken more pictures, but here are a few that I got. Next time we are bringing Dad for sure... and maybe a picnic lunch!

People were out walking their dogs or jogging. Maybe people were out working in their yards. It was just adorable! So glad we found it out now so we can enjoy it longer. 


  1. Mud Island doesn't look very "muddy!" I expected a marshy area and pictures of Anthony covered in mud. I met a family at Open House tonight that told me that whenever their two kids argue, they make them put a dollar in the CKR jar they have at home. It made me smile! And wine is on the way...

  2. I just read the Day 13 blog and just wanted to tell you Annie that you really are a beautiful writer. I've shed many tears over what you and your family have had to go through but just shed some more after reading that entry. You just know how to express yourself and the experiences you all are going through perfectly. Bravo! Please please give Kayla as well as Denny a big hug for us!!! We always knew Denny was a great guy but he has just proved to be AMAZING through this journey. You two are very lucky to have found each other!

    Hugs & Kisses - Cindi & Robert J.

  3. I'm loving that AJ and Dad are wearing those necklaces! Kays made both of them right? You need to get one for yourself Ann :) I bet they loved the mud flat definitely does remind us of home too anywhere there's water! Love the little things that you can find blissful. Love you all. xoxo -Tiff