Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Update

How is Kayla? Well, still no fever!! We are hoping that she remains fever free. We aren't sure what her ANC is because they didn't do that blood test today. That will be tomorrow. 

Today, Kayla was either full of energy, dancing, singing & laughing or she was sleeping.  I am exhausted which is why I'm keeping this short and sweet tonight. All is good. Nothing major or interesting to report. Sometimes no news is good news!


  1. Quick updates are GREAT news!!! Enjoy these blessed days! Went to California Grill's Dine & Donate today...sending loads of Novato love!!!

  2. I'm glad everything is going so good today! It is great to hear that Kayla has been dancing, singing and laughing a lot! Betty Criesco

  3. Glad to hear Kays is doing so well, and also super glad that she's been "home" with you for two nights now. Great work everyone!!!

    God, we love her so much, and I can't sleep until I read your blog every night just wondering how you're all doing.......it was like heaven hearing Denny's voice tonight; thank you for making the time for me too Denny! I know how your day is all focused on our Kayla, and it's a lot of work for all of you just to endure it all. Especially Kayla.

    Sweet dreams. Love you all mucho!!!

  4. Great to hear the good update for today! Thinking of you lots! xoxo Allie