Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kayla's Birthday & other promised info

As promised, I'm back! :)   Today, Kayla is full of energy! She is a lovely shade of grey thanks to no immune system and Chemo, but doing great! Still fever free. I think the blood transfusion yesterday is the reason for her energy level today. For that, we are thankful!
"Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will" - Mahatma Gandhi

We got word yesterday that Kayla's next proposed date to start round 3 will be on May 9th, her birthday. If all goes well up until then and nothing holds it back, she will be admitted at 8pm that night. It's actually a blessing I think. Good luck if you will?  What it means above all else is that she will be feeling fantastic on her birthday! For that, I will be eternally grateful. My birthday, Denny's birthday, holidays... they all don't matter in comparison. I have hoped and prayed that for her birthday, we could all spend it feeling the joy and warmth of our "normal" Kayla. My baby girl will be 8. Weather permitting, she has asked that we go to the zoo. So her wish shall be granted unless it's storming out! I can't even describe in words what it means that she will be feeling her best on that day. It's honestly the best gift you can get.  

I asked Kayla what she wants for her birthday this year. She told me nothing. I looked at her twice and she giggled. She said she doesn't want anything except to go home to her meow meow and her house. So first of all, I want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have helped us out by donating b/c with out it, we wouldn't have been able to keep our house.  In response to the messages I have gotten about sweet Kayla's upcoming birthday, I want to add this.  If any of you were hoping to send something that Kayla could use or would like, please consider a donation to St. Jude for her birthday. A cure is something we could use and she would love. It can be a dollar. Every penny goes toward finding cures and saving lives. Donate To St. Jude Here   If you would rather the donation go toward Kayla directly, you can use the paypal link located on the blog. Specify that it is for Kayla's birthday in the notes. We are planning on using those funds to get Kayla a few things that she has asked for when she finally gets to go home! One being a lava lamp... go figure!

The sun is shining. So we are heading out to play while we can.

ps. We got received a package yesterday with a canvas print of the photo I recently took of the kids. I LOVE it. There was no note inclosed (probably company error?) saying who it is from. I just want whoever was sweet enough to send it here know that we LOVE it. Thank you!!!

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  1. Oh, You make us cry and smile happy tears. God bless and hold you. Your words have become a focus of deep prayer and a vision of all that is "perfict." What inspiring warriors you all are. We feel graced to be among your exquisite tribe.
    Love and thanks, Mary and Frank Hoburg