Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day +16 Another day in the life of a warrior

What week wouldn't be complete without a call from ALSAC? Kayla got asked to do another photo shoot today which will be on the St. Jude website. I promise to let you all know when it's up! It was nice that the photographers got to see "the real" Kayla today full of her normal giggles and spunk! Kayla had fun... and that's all that matters :)

Later, we had some fun hanging the kids art work around the apartment to liven up the walls a bit! It sure does give this place a more homey feeling. I love the art project that they did in School today... very clever! Anything with hand prints incorporated thrills me!

Anthony takes every opportunity to jump in the pictures with baby puppy. So, if anyone from Mrs. Beckmann's class is wondering, Baby Puppy is still his "frrrrraaaaaaavvvvrrrroooorrrrriiiite thing"!

Kayla has been working on her Legacy Bead necklace. Notice the pasta noodle? That was our "bead" from her day in her class room only 35 days ago.  Our memory from her visit to her real second grade class room. Where she got to sit at her desk and laugh with her friends. A day that needed "a bead".
 Even since this picture was taken, we have added a few more. I just took last two a few minutes ago.
Look at this. The noodle is almost in the center...
Here Anthony is showing that the beads are almost as tall as he is. Kayla is a warrior. I make sure every time she strings those beads that she knows how proud we all of her. She grins and giggles and is pretty proud of herself as well.

While I cooked dinner on the BBQ, the kids had fun playing ping-pong w/ daddy

Now, it's time to set up Kayla's TPN and Lipids. This takes about a half hour start to finish.

There are 2 pumps. One for the TPN and one for Lipids. It all fits in the bumble bee backpack. 

It's not light!

 I am certain that medical waste is one of the hugest polluters and contributors to our land fills. I hate this part! There is NO being "green" when it comes to medical supplies and sterility. Impossible!
Drawing up the famotidine to protect Kayla's stomach from hurting from all of this.

Ok, this is Kayla all hooked up.
(meanwhile, getting her 20 mins of reading in tonight... at least)

  One day I'll have to put in all of the steps. You would be SHOCKED to see what all is involved in this process. We surely were!


  1. All of you are amazing. You inspire me every time I read this, Annie. Love, Cate x

  2. I just love all of the pictures. I can clearly see the weight that Kayla has gained, and how strong she is. She (and your family) continue to amaze me! And, Anthony is getting so big. . .

    I am so very impressed with Denny's ability to draw-up the famotidine, and prepare and set-up Kayla's TPN and Lipids - all while maintaining aseptic and/or sterile technique. Thinking of you all - always, and miss you. Stay strong!

    Love, Melissa