Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day + 15

Kayla's ANC has jumped to 8,100! So, she now no longer needs that dreaded GCSF shot. Not until after the next round anyway. All of her numbers still are looking great. She is in great spirits and we are enjoying every second of this feeling of normalcy.

Tomorrow we have another full day with tests to make sure that Kayla's body will be ready for round 2. They are very thorough here taking every single precaution. For that, we are so very grateful! 

Today, I got some sad news that my uncle Chris has passed away. He was a wonderful and talented man. I will never forget the sparkle in his eye or his smile. He will be missed by anyone and everyone who was blessed enough to have known him.

Greetings from the med room... I hear it's Easter this Sunday. Good thing there are volunteers here to keep our art projects up to date! :)


  1. I am sorry to hear about your uncle. It sounds like he was a great man. Betty Criesco

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle, Annie! But jazzed at how well Kayla is doing!!! Stay strong, xoxo, Erin S.

  3. Aw, Annie. I am so sorry to hear that! :( Was it sudden, or had your family known for a while? Geoff and I miss you both a lot! Maybe this Sunday on Easter we can all have a skype session. :) Did Kayla get the leprechaun I drew her for St. Patty's Day? :) XOXO Nicole