Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day - 4 Round 2

I would consider today a success! Especially considering how the first day of the last round one went. I think the doctors experimenting with what medicines work and don't work for Kayla was finally figured out because today was much better. Don't get me wrong. It was still horrible! Maybe it was because we all had an idea of what to expect? This time, Kayla was not hallucinating or slurring her words. However, she did get sick... a lot. It's ok though. We figure it's just the body's way of getting that poison OUT. I am happy to see that her body rejects it so feverishly. It's fighting hard for Kayla. I appreciate that!

I arrived at the hospital and was pleasantly surprised that child life was in the playroom! What great timing. I was able to leave Anthony in there to play while Denny and I spent some time together in with Kayla. When I walked into the room, it was so much darker and smaller then over on the BMT floor in Chili's.  There was one tiny bathroom and the parents were to use the "family" bathroom down the hall.  It made the old room seemed like the Ritz!  Regardless, it was great to be able to be in there and physically hold the bucket for her and help her in ways that mommy can. Where Daddy is amazing in every way, sometimes you just need momma. So, Denny took advantage of me being there and he and Anthony went and got some lunch.  I was happy to finally be able to be in there and feel useful! In between the throwing up, we talked about normal things. I told Kayla stories about when she was little or when I was little. It was good to see her smiling and somewhat feeling "ok" while in between not feeling so good.  She just seemed so much more with it which was very comforting! Tomorrow she will receive the lesser of the two evils. So we are hoping that it's an even better day!

We had an unexpected change of plans right after I left. The nurse told Denny and Kayla that the testing on the BMT floor was complete and the coast is clear! They would be moving over to the Chili's side. See? Never a dull moment! They quickly got moved and situated over there and are currently doing great. I am glad that Denny will have his own bathroom and shower! Little blessings....... Also, Kayla's weight dipped after going off of TPN but has remained stable. She will return to her TPN and Lipids after the Chemo is finished.

Tonight Donna arrived! It was SO wonderful to see her!!!!! We skyped with Kayla and Denny and Kayla asked what time Donna will come to see her tomorrow. She loves her God Momma :) Before that, on our drive to the Target House tonight we saw a rainbow in the sky! There was no rain in site. No rhyme or reason for it. Just a tiny rainbow. Donna and I both saw it at the same time and she was able to snap a picture of it. I will take it as a sign. A sign of tiny miracles that DO happen. We will take all we can get!
Can you see the rainbow? It is vertical just over the left side of the road.
Donna and Anthony reunited again! :)


  1. How beautiful! God bless and hold you. You are such a brilliant and bright rainbow. Prayers and love surround you in constant faith and gratitude. Thank you for your exquisite updates. We feel you and the hearts and love that surrounds you all. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. We are so glad that Kayla got to move back into the Ritz! That unit looks amazing! We feel all your heartaches and joys in spirit as we religiously read your blog every night:). It must be nice to have Donna visiting--a much needed helping hand for breaks and shoulder to lean on. Give the kids big kisses for us!

  3. Annie, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I saw a RAINBOW TOO! First thing in the morning. It instantly helped to make me feel better about the day. Sometimes you don't have to look for the blessings because they are just THERE.

    Also very happy to hear that Round 2 began smoother for everyone. :)

    And Best Friends are the BEST, aren't they? Thank goodness for DONNA! She's most certainly a Godsend. :)

    Even things went Denny's way! Yayyyy! It's going to be a better experience this time for all. XOXO

    Keep staying strong everyone, you're doing GREAT!!!!!