Monday, April 16, 2012

Home Sweet Target Home

We're back! At least for tonight. Kayla's temperature is at bay for now, but the doctor is pretty sure that as soon as she is neutropenic (most likely by tomorrow) she may spike another fever and be admitted back in. She really wanted us to be able to go home and have a good night together. We can deal with what is to come when and if it does. For now, it's a big relief to all be here in the Target House together. Kayla had a nice bath and is getting her bandage changed as I type. We will not unpack the bags too quickly just in case.

Today Kayla received her stem cells. It went well, but she did get sick during it which is pretty common. She smells like beets again.

Precautionary medicine in case there is any reaction to the cells. All bags remained unused since she had no reaction.

 The cells arrive frozen (the container on the floor). Then they are thawed in a very special machine.
Here is what Kayla's stem cell transplant looks like. Those baby's are little miracles that will make her get better faster. She gets them after each round of Chemo. 

In a few minutes we will go to the Hostel to get Donna settled in. If it looks scary in any way we will be out of there! It got really good reviews on Yelp... we shall see! We have an early start back at the hospital tomorrow so I will make this short tonight. Just SO glad round two is over with.  

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for all of the loving notes, emails, comments, facebook messages, cards and prayers. Knowing we have so many people out there following our story and supporting us the way you all are is an incredible encouragement in our lowest times. Thank you all so so much!


  1. Just a quick thought for you. When I had my daughter, my friend taught me to sometimes say to Sydney (who was a tiny baby) "just a minute Sydney, it is Cole's turn" Now Syd obviously didn't care...but Colton needed to hear that sometimes his mommy still put him first... I am wondering if this might work with Anthony. 4 is still awfully little. Maybe with Kayla in on the plan there could be times when you could say the words to her...not because she needs anything at the moment...but so Anthony can feel like he gets to come first. Aaagh, so dang hard to do this parenting thing right! Remember when we had all the answers and it seemed so easy....before we had kids! Hang tough, we continue to pray for you all.

  2. YAY Kayla. Still going strong. Hang in there guys, and hope the rest goes by quickly, so you can return home/back to normal =)